The Advantages of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Leveraging Modern Technology and Practices: The Advantages of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

As businesses look to become more cost and time efficient while improving their performance on the digital front, most are turning towards modern solutions like Platform-as-a-Service. PaaS platforms offer a level of flexibility and availability that not only accommodates, but also drives business growth.

PaaS Benefits

Following are some of the key benefits that using PaaS for your business brings to the table.

    1. Singular Central Management PanelTime-Efficiency-and-Faster-Speed-to-Market-

Modern digital strategies for businesses are becoming more and more complex. As a result, companies aim to simplify web application development and management as much as possible. PaaS offers the ideal combination of both. It gives you access to a plethora of useful tools. It also lets you manage all of your processes using a single, central management panel. Most PaaS platforms provide access to a personalized dashboard where you can view and configure the various workloads you are currently using. 

CloudSigma PaaS gives you access to an intuitive Dashboard that is equipped with numerous features. You can use these tools to create, configure, and deploy new environments and workflows. It is easy to view all of your processes as concise tabs arranged in one place and use the various icons to quickly navigate settings, configurations, and other important features. There are loads of other functionalities that the CloudSigma PaaS Dashboard can perform as well. You can access the Marketplace to view one-click downloadable packages. In addition, you can use the New Environment option to configure an environment in a few minutes. You can also deploy ready-to-go solutions with the Import feature.

    2. Increased Availability

Technical issues can occur at any time and cause downtime. Uptime’s 2022 Data Center Resiliency Survey shows that “90% of data center managers and operators have experienced some type of outage in the past three years”. Too much of it, however, can be detrimental to your brand. PaaS platforms allow your processes to continue working on alternative resources while the issue is being fixed, resulting in much higher availability.

CloudSigma PaaS offers a dynamic environment where you can easily shift and allocate resources on-demand, whenever you require. Efficient load balancing is one of CloudSigma PaaS’s strengths. It offers various kinds of traffic management tools at a very reasonable price. CloudSigma PaaS utilizes virtual servers to ensure 100% availability as promised by our SLAs. According to Gartner, every minute of IT downtime can end up costing a business $5600 on average. The lack of a single-point failure makes a significant difference and saves your business precious time and earnings.

    3. Dynamic Scalability

Scalability has become one of the most critical components of the web development process. Being able to scale your processes and resources as required ensures lower costs and a consistent user experience. As a result, you are able to provide a better and more profitable product to your clients. This is where PaaS provides a great advantage. You get to operate in a dynamic environment where you can reallocate resources and scale the scope of your workflows based on current performance and future expectations.

Scaling with the CloudSigma PaaS is as simple as can be. You can configure and allocate resources to specific processes and nodes as required with just a few clicks. All you need to do is redeploy your nodes to apply the changes. Additionally, you can set up automatic horizontal and vertical scaling which saves you from incurring extra charges or compromising app performance. You can simply set an upper limit and let the platform handle the rest.

  4. Time Efficiency and Faster Speed-to-Market

PaaS solutions allow users to build, configure, and deploy applications much quicker. You do not have to worry about the backend infrastructure and can use pre-built tools and packages to add features to your applications in record time. You also eliminate the need for advanced coding knowledge and skill.

CloudSigma PaaS allows you to download, configure, and deploy solutions very quickly. You can create Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, .NET, or Go production or dev environments. You can also add Docker and Kubernetes clusters with just a few clicks. All of the configurations can be performed through a single wizard and you can modify your settings at any time, as required. This ensures that you can launch well-designed web applications with minimum investment and hassle.


   5. User-Friendly Graphic Interface

Solutions that require users to undergo extensive training to be able to handle new software are simply not worth the time and money in today’s fast-paced business industry. Modern PaaS solutions eliminate the hurdle of platform complexity and offer user-friendly interfaces that are intuitive and simple enough to operate. A streamlined user interface makes life ten times easier as you can perform updates and get new connectors quickly. 

CloudSigma PaaS has one of the most streamlined graphic user interfaces that offers to-the-point information and convenient features to make your experience straightforward. The RESTful API serves to make navigation a breeze, giving you easy access to all account actions. Our goal is to get you where you need to be as fast as possible with the least amount of clicks. That is why the platform uses intuitive icons to simplify the Dashboard but still keep your critical tools within an arm’s reach. You can access the platform using a web browser. You also have a 24/7 live chat feature to contact support at a moment’s notice if you need help in any regard.

  6. Access to Pre-Built Tools

Some PaaS solutions allow users to access pre-built, packaged solutions that can be installed fairly easily without requiring the knowledge or skill of coding. Instead of having to spend hours of skilled labor on performing necessary integrations, you can use your PaaS panel to install them with a few clicks.

CloudSigma PaaS offers plenty of one-click clustered solutions that can be accessed from the Marketplace. From Wordpress to Kubernetes, you will find a number of clusters for some of the most popular and useful applications that can enrich your application development, deployment, and management processes. 

  7. Consistent System Updates and Enhanced Security

Keeping your software updated is critical to not only ensure the best functionality, but also optimum security. Updating APIs and the various connectors you are using is much easier and faster to do on a PaaS platform.

With CloudSigma PaaS, the platform takes care of most system updates. For individual applications and clusters, you can set up automatic updates so that there are never any gaps in your workflow. CloudSigma ascribes to the highest standard when it comes to cloud security. Our platform is ISO-certified and ensures optimum data privacy, confidentiality, and infrastructure security. 

 8. Considerable Cost Savings

Most PaaS solutions work on a subscription-based model. Instead of having to invest a large amount upfront, you pay for the resources and tools you utilize. Your in-house data experts, also known as Citizen Integrators, should be able to perform the basic processes and connections required to set up the platform for your business.

Some platforms also give you access to a number of tools along with connectors to cloud-based applications, which can be expensive to integrate otherwise. Despite the added functionality, PaaS solutions are more financially sound due to the subscription-based model. You can continue to innovate by investing small sums as operating expenses as opposed to making large capital expenditures. Additionally, no extra costs are incurred for upgrades, updates, and bug fixes.

CloudSigma PaaS offers one of the most affordable and flexible pricing plans. Instead of paying for the server size, you only pay for the resources you use. The automatic scaling feature ensures you are not overspending on unnecessary resources. Using scaling limits, you can set up dynamic cloudlets in addition to reserved cloudlets. This ensures that the system accommodates unexpected load spikes and you still only have to pay for what you use. You can also use the PaaS Calculator at the bottom of our pricing page to get a rough estimate of how much your PaaS usage would cost.

How CloudSigma PaaS Can Put You Ahead of the Competition

Many PaaS solutions still leave a lot to be desired in terms of the features and functionalities they offer. CloudSigma PaaS gives you the best in all aspects. It offers an incredibly intuitive user interface that requires no prior training, automatic scaling and updates, and access to a number of pre-built, one-click tools among several other features.

You can learn more about what the CloudSigma PaaS platform has to offer and review the pricing based on your estimated resource usage. If you have any questions regarding the platform and how it can help your business, you can contact us at any time. 

To test CloudSigma PaaS at no cost you can sign up for our 7-day free trial or request a demo to get an overview of how the platform works.

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