A Fully Managed Drop in Cloud Solution

Increase of CAGR in Cloud Spending for 2017

Expected Spending on Public Cloud in 2020

Infrastructure Budget Spent on IaaS

of Cloud Spend is for Public Cloud

  Fully Managed Cloud

Our seasoned operations & support teams manage the entire cloud 24/7. You eliminate the operational overhead of managing it yourself and have zero execution risk.

  Agility and Flexibility

Increase your agility and flexibility in service delivery models. Focus on customer relationships and areas of strength, don’t get bogged down with operational cloud details.

  Adapt to the Local Market

Our solution is designed to adapt to your local requirements be they legal, banking, accounting etc.

  Aligned Business Efforts

Our unique revenue share model aligns our interests with your. Let’s apply our combined expertise, market knowledge and business development to make your new cloud location successful.

  A Global Network

Your new cloud location is marketed to our global network of customers whilst your customers have access to a global deployment footprint. Enjoy incremental business for your organisation.

 Your Branding

CloudSigma offers various branding options to meet your strategic requirements.

  Unprecedented Performance

Our solution is designed to provide very high server and connectivity performance. The platform is equipped with useful plugins and tools, making it a perfect fit for specific client use cases.

 Transparency and Respect

We provide complete transparency over the operational, accounting and commercial aspects of the solution and our partnership. You have full visibility into cloud activity, customers & operational details.

 Innovation & Adaptability

We constantly improve our cloud platform, embracing new challenges and technologies. We build a relationship based on trust and open communication to achieve our combined goal of meeting the needs of end users.

Why Cloud-as-a-Service

Value-Added Services for Your Customers

  • Powerful Hybrid Technology
  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service
  • Backup & Archiving
  • Live Migration between Hypervisors

Expand Your Product Portfolio

  • Development of Joint Products
  • Complete Adaptability to Customer Infrastructure Requirements
  • Account Management

Combined Business Strategy & Development

  • Tiered Commission Offering on CaaS Revenue
  • Promotion of Your Services to an Existing Global Network of Partners & Customers
  • Joint Sales & Marketing Strategy

  Successful Datacentres and Telcos Choose CloudSigma

“The revenue share of cloud revenues model provides for aligned interests and the highest degree of motivation for CloudSigma and yourself combining cloud expertise with your key value propositions.”Nino Valmonte, Director - Marketing & Digital Innovation @ IPC

Short circuit cloud woes with our ready fully managed solution and start on day one with world class service quality plus a portfolio of leading value added services.

The flexibility of the CloudSigma platform and our agile scrum service development process provide for quick adaptation to your business requirements. You get access to new market segments and expansion into new revenue channels accelerating your ROI.



The Cloud-as-a-Service Operational Model

Fully Managed End-to-End Cloud Solution

  • Shipping and Installation of Equipment
  • Complete Management of Infrastructure and Network
  • Billing Gateway Provisioning
  • 24/7 Incident Management
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Powerful Hybrid Technology
  • DRaaS, Backup and Migration

Combined Business Development

  • Various Branding Options
  • Joint Sales and Marketing Strategy Development
  • Global Network of Partners and Customers
  • Shared Revenue Model

Your Investment

  • Power
  • Space
  • Network
  • Equipment

 Combining Business Strengths

Our professional team supports your cloud-as-a-service deployment 24/7/365. CloudSigma’s experience in the installation, operational management and end user support establish a firm unbreakable foundation for your cloud services.

We enjoy the flexibility that CloudSigma is giving us as a partner. They figure out how to address the demands of the market developing the functionalities which define a cloud for the customers nowadays.”Fred Rodi, President of DRFortress

CloudSigma has a proven track record of cloud-as-a-service locations in many parts of the world. Your cloud-as-a-service cloud becomes part of our developed network of cloud locations around the globe accessible by thousand of customers. By joining our partners network you are guaranteed an unprecedented quality of cloud services for your team and customers. CloudSigma is a service provider, not a software company. The last component of the cloud-as-a-service partnership is the unique shared revenue model ensuring the fruitful relationship which we continuously develop

Easy Cloud Customisation

Adapt 1

Complete Adaptability to Country-Specific Legislative Requirements


Development of Country-Specific Accounting and Billing Tools


Native Multi-lingual, Multi-currency Cloud Solution Support


Development of Joint Products and Services

  Are you a traditional hosting provider looking to enter the cloud services marketplace?

The end-to-end cloud solution provided by CloudSigma allows you to build up your services by letting you focus on what you do best yet at a brand new level.

“I’d highly recommend the Cloud-as-a-Service offering of CloudSigma to any local data centre provider who wants to differentiate themselves from other “off-the-shelf” cloud providers. With an international cloud provider like CloudSigma by our side, we are in a very strong position to succeed in the cloud space.”Paul Arch, CEO and founder @ DC West.

You build a long-term recurring revenue stream and expand your portfolio of services. Cloud-as-a-service works using a simple, transparent and fair revenue share basis. In addition, you also receive revenue share on cloud services your customers consume in other locations around the globe.

  Do you already manage customer infrastructure?

“I would say that the CloudSigma platform is by far the most stable and easiest to use, in comparison with the vendors we have tried previously. More importantly, the people at CloudSigma are extremely easy to work with. I believe this is the most critical advantage for us.”Nino Valmonte, Director - Marketing & Digital Innovation @ IPC

Cloud services are a requirement of almost any business to a bigger or lesser extent. You are going to attract new customers and enrich your service portfolio with additional value added services, such as DRaaS, Backup and Migration Solutions, which the CloudSigma platform already provides.

  Are you an IT Consultant or System Integrator looking for a strong cloud partner?

The Cloud-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution provides a foundation for new value-added services that offer high margin revenue and solidify your customer relationships further.

“What’s best about the Cloud-as-a-Service model is that CloudSigma is completely invested in the success of its partners. Тhe fact that it’s a profit share model means that it’s only when we succeed that CloudSigma can succeed.”Brian Roe, Commercial Director @ Servecentric

By adding cloud services in partnership with us, your organisation will reduce customer churn, increase revenue per customer and win new business. In summary, partnering with CloudSigma for cloud services will increase the profitability of your business.



A) Nothing
B) An In-House Cloud
C) Cloud-as-a-Service

  Public clouds consolidate computing deployments

  Lose direct contact with end users through disintermediation

  Gain 100% of any cloud revenue
  Assume 100% of the operational risk cost

Get substantial % of revenues based on performance
  24/7 operations & end user support from CloudSigma
  Turn-key, zero-hassle deployment
  Focus on your own core activities

  Public clouds use their own DCs or only very large global provider

  Customer workloads will be moved away from you by large public clouds, hosted in dedicated cloud provider facilities

  Gain complete control over the cloud
  Invest time and effort in deploying and managing it 24/7 without scale

  Keep cloud workloads on your infrastructure
  Reduce customer churn with a holistic end to end infrastructure delivery portfolio

  Many customers will retain some private infrastructure

  You have to find a way to connect legacy and cloud environments
  Incremental revenue potential is very limited

  Offer hybrid cloud solutions
  Cloud locations are only available on your own infrastructure locations

  Position your company as a leader on the cloud market
  Customers gain access to global cloud deployment options

By joining our cloud-as-a-service ecosystem, your services can be exposed to customers worldwide throughout our network of cloud locations.

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