CloudSigma is a GÉANT Academic Network Preferred Cloud Partner 

GÉANT Preferred Cloud Partner

CloudSigma has been a preferred partner for cloud services to the GÉANT academic network since 2017. As such, CloudSigma is a part of the GÉANT Cloud Catalogue IaaS portfolio. The partnership gives CloudSigma the opportunity to offer cloud services to the research and academic community. Using CloudSigma’s direct peering to GÉANT’s superfast connectivity, researchers can easily scale up their ad-hoc workloads with near-zero latency.

What Does GÉANT Offer?

GÉANT is Europe’s leading collaboration on network and related infrastructure and services for research and education, and operator of the GÉANT network that interconnects Europe’s National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). Furthermore, GÉANT is a part of the OCRE consortium.
• The GÉANT Cloud Services initiative assists NRENs to become more agile, as well as provide users with the right mix and range of IT cloud-based services and products that meet their needs and are uniquely suited to the community’s requirements.
• GÉANT further supports innovation and knowledge-sharing amongst its members, partners and the wider research and education networking community.


GÉANT is excited to work with CloudSigma on delivering great value, flexible IaaS solutions to research and education.
The personal approach offered by CloudSigma will greatly benefit those users venturing into cloud services for the first
time and will help enhance cloud adoption across all sectors of the community.  
Erik Huizer, CEO @ GÉANT


GÉANT Academic Network Characteristics & Requirements

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GÉANT helps cloud vendors develop the most compelling and suitable cloud services by overcoming the obstacles that the organisational, technical and financial structures of research and education organisations often present.



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GÉANT’s community consists of 10,000 institutions and 50 million users, who communicate and collaborate online on a daily basis, often in cross-organisational teams. Cloud services are vital to their work and research collaborations.

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GÉANT is a coordinator for the OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environments) Cloud Framework that supports state-of-the-art research and explores new ways forward for procuring, funding, and using in-demand digital solutions. CloudSigma is an official cloud partner for the OCRE Cloud Framework.


You can find CloudSigma in GÉANT’s IaaS catalogue here and in the OCRE Cloud Catalogue here