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CloudSigma How To Series: CloudSigma Customer Support

CloudSigma friendly customer support is one of the top reasons our customers choose CloudSigma. CloudSigma provides 24/7 support to all our clients free of charge. In this quick blog post we would like to highlight the different ways you can utilise our free support services.

1. Check out the live chat in the WebApp

Live chat is by far our most popular support channel. This is continuously staffed by CloudSigma’s technical support personnel. You will find the live chat widget on the bottom bar of your browser in the webapp. Please ping us with any questions, doubts or issues you may have during your trial or afterwards. Over 75% of the chat requests are answered in less than 30 seconds!

live support

2. Create a support ticket via email

You can simply email us at You will receive an automatic response with ticket number in order to track your query status going forward and get automatic updates.

“Support – that is something that is a really big plus of CloudSigma. You can reach out for somebody and you have a support engineer available in under a minute. Testing the support capabilities of IaaS providers will show you quite fast how you will be served in the future.”

— Stepan Seycek, Head of Cloud Services at BOC Group

3. Create a support ticket via the WebApp interface by following these steps:

1: Select ‘Support’ → ‘Tickets’ from the left menu bar

CloudSigma Customer Support

2: Click on the ‘Create Ticket’ button

create ticket

3: Enter your support query and click the ‘Create’ button

CloudSigma Customer Support

CloudSigma Customer Support

Next, you will see the default ‘Support’ → ‘Ticket’ screen, that will list the history of all your support tickets. We guarantee a response time of less than 3 hours for the ticketing system. Please note that you will also be able to view any other tickets you created by emailing us at

4. Additional Resources

In addition to the support channels highlighted above, the following information and resources are available to support you:

  • Tutorials and Howtos: in-depth technical tutorials on how to set up infrastructure in the cloud. If you’re missing an important tutorial, please alert your personal account manager and we can prioritise adding a new tutorial to cover this.
  • Our YouTube Channel: this video channel provides a number of useful how-to-guides in an easy-to-follow format.
  • Devops Cloud Questions: find answers to your technical questions, or ask the community for assistance.
  • API Documentation: 100% of all functionality you see on the webapp is available via our API allowing full automation of tasks plus integration into wider software deployments as you wish.
  • Service Status Page: shows the status history, including incidents and maintenances for all cloud location. We are committed to transparent service for our customers.

Last but not least, you might find benefit in reviewing our service level agreement (SLA). Many cloud providers offer SLAs of little value to the customer. On the contrary, CloudSigma offers very high service levels and very strict parameters concerning uptime, availability, and performance. You can find more information here.

We wish you happy computing!


About Simeon Glabadanidis

Simeon is a Key Account Manager at CloudSigma and is responsible for providing the right solutions on the right time. His focus is to develop a sustainable relationship between CloudSigma and the customer’s organizations. Simeon has a strong technical background as he studied at the Technical University of Sofia. Next to his passion to deliver value to the customers, Simeon is keen on traveling to exotic countries and getting to know foreign cultures.