Infrastructure Level Balancing


All incoming requests to the environments hosted within CloudSigma PaaS are processed either by the platform Shared Load Balancer (SLB) or via Public IP (v4) address attached directly to the node.

The SLB is a completely free option, which we recommend you use for your dev and test environments. For production environments that require high traffic handling, it is more appropriate to use a Public IP for receiving and processing the requests.

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Load Balancing on Application Levels



NGINX is one of the most popular open source servers in the world. It  provides customers with superior performance, ensuring the efficiency of the balancing. NGINX can be used to cache content and perform load balancing in Layer 7 in addition to its optimum scalability, built-in security features, and high resource usage rentability.
Ha Proxy


HAProxy (High Availability Proxy) is a reliable open-source solution offering great speed and high availability. It can be used for load balancing, DDoS mitigation, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications. A single-process, event-driven model with low (and stable) memory consumption enables processes to run smoothly and provides cost efficiency.
Varnish 1


Varnish is a caching HTTP reverse proxy. It is an ideal app accelerator for websites that experience higher traffic loads. CloudSigma PaaS offers Varnish in a bundle with the NGINX server. Thus, the Varnish stack can work with secure data as well as Custom SSL.


LiteSpeed Web ADC is an advanced and high-performing HTTP load balancer application. It promises unparalleled performance along with high security, cost efficiency, and a variety of features. Web ADC is the perfect solution for small enterprises looking to scale their applications beyond one server.
Apache 1


Apache is a well-known open source traffic distribution server. It is particularly useful for those who want the power of customization to design an environment that meets their individual requirements. The modular nature of Apache provides  flexibility while also accounting for data security, centralized authentication, speed, reliability, and high availability.

Automated Traffic Distribution

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Round Robin enables distributing requests one-by-one among the servers with preconfigured priorities and traffic ratio. This routing method provides high availability of the distributed application, thus allowing to easily leverage the server’s load.


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The Sticky Sessions routing method assigns end users to a specific backend, which receives requests while the corresponding session is live. CloudSigma PaaS uses an advanced solution based on the session cookies to make a persistent routing, when each browser becomes an unique “user” making balancing more even.


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The Failover traffic routing allows redirecting the customers to a backup standby server in case of a production one failure. The incoming requests can go to one server at a time – either to the main one or, in case that it is unavailable, to the secondary one.



CloudSigma PaaS provides blue-green deployment, A/B testing, and failover protection incorporating a built-in add on that ensures smart traffic routing between environments based on your requirements.

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CloudSigma PaaS Load Balancing Advantages 

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Easy Start

CloudSigma PaaS ensures a straightforward traffic load balancing process, with our intuitive GUI and out-of-the-box automation.
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Automatic Scaling

CloudSigma PaaS provides vertical automatic scaling of load balancer instances based on the current load and horizontal scaling to provide redundancy.
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Traffic Management Tools

CloudSigma PaaS offers various built-in tools to enable traffic management such as traffic distributor, endpoints, container firewall, environment isolation, custom domains, etc.
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Efficiency and Fair Price

CloudSigma PaaS enables low RAM/CPU consumption footprint of the managed load balancers. Our platform’s next generation pay-as-you-use pricing model based on real usage instead of server size ensure maximized cost savings.
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Managed Certified Stacks

We offer various load balancer stacks including NGINX, HAProxy, Varnish, and Apache. They are maintained by CloudSigma, ensuring  regular updates and optimization.
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Public IP and SSL

Traffic routing is securely performed via Public IPv4 for production environments. It is accompanied by Let’s Encrypt or a custom SSL certificate.