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CloudSigma has attained the international auditable standard of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 by setting best practices for data privacy, security, and information governance that are applied to processes, IT systems and people, by establishing and maintaining a company wide Information Security Management System (ISMS)

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CloudSigma ensures that all aspects of its infrastructure and services used to deliver and manage your cloud conform to the highest ISO certification standard in relation to security and data privacy.


The scope of information security includes the domains of confidentiality/privacy, completeness/integrity and the availability of information. Policies are defined to establish the accepted rules, events, actions and resources to protect the security of all information during the provision of a wide range of services. These policies comply with the pertinent clauses of Annex A of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard. Coverage includes all CloudSigma facilities and infrastructure, as well as mobile devices and remote working practices. The Information Security Management System is maintained and continuously improved in accordance with the requirements of this standard.


CloudSigma works to an operational model based on the business methodology of Agile Scrum. The operations team manages all infrastructure securely via VPN tunneling, SSH keys, and many other rigorous security protocols. All infrastructure changes are strenuously tested over many months in our testing lab facility modelling real world scenarios, so that our customers can benefit from technological innovation whilst mitigating any impact on their existing setup. All these procedures comply with the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard.


CloudSigma has a well-established methodology for software development and deployment consisting of separate development, acceptance testing and production environments. Software development is managed through Mercurial, a source code management platform, supported by best practices of unit testing and code reviews. All releases are carefully reviewed and tested in our staging platform, and are deployed via an automated process of continuous integration. All releases are numbered and named, and linked to our software workflow platform, allowing all changes to be reviewed and audited at any time, in compliance with ISO 27001.


Our Support Team is trained to a high technical, commercial and customer care capacity. The team is keen, highly knowledgeable and responsive. CloudSigma guarantees 24/7 coverage all year round via live-chat, email and Zendesk, our online ticketing system. The team continuously monitors our infrastructure though an extensive and intelligent monitoring platform, ensuring that all systems are operational, and reacting immediately to any incident, via documented procedures, or escalating to our Operations Team. All monitoring systems comply with our security and confidentiality protocols.


CloudSigma’s has deployed and implemented a policy and technological framework to protect the information on our infrastructure. CloudSigma constantly monitors, measures, analyses and evaluates all network traffic. CloudSigma has developed a proprietary DDOS defense system. Moreover, CloudSigma operates a 24/7 NOC response team, to manage any eventualities and provide continuous feedback to clients. CloudSigma provides risk assessment and impact on risk for all our networks. These are but a small subsection of steps Cloudsigma takes to guarantee the security of our services.


CloudSigma has a long established partnership with Equinix, a global leader in multi-tenant datacentres. All CloudSigma Cloud locations are housed in ISO 27001 certified Equinix datacentres. All partner clouds, are also in fully ISO 27001 compliant datacentres. Please click on one of the following links for detailed security information for each cloud location:

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