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Top ten cloud applications you can deploy with one click on CloudSigma

Whether you are running a small business or a large-scale organization, there is no doubt that you need 3rd party tools to achieve the required results. Fortunately, there are a ton of modern solutions that are specifically designed to make your job easier. You can extract a lot of use and functionality from these applications. However, they are simply not worth it if they require too much time and effort for just the installation process.

To eliminate the problem of wasting time on elaborate installation and configuration of applications, CloudSigma’s new PaaS solution offers one-click installation for a wide variety of applications. This means that you can install any of the following cloud applications with just one click thanks to our concise packages.

Next, we will present the top ten applications available for a one-click install on our cloud platform. They offer plenty of features and automation. The packages are available at our Marketplace so that you can download them conveniently.

1. WordPress

Let’s start off with one of the most popular ones: WordPress. If you have ever been on the internet, you most likely already know about WordPress. It is a digital platform that gives you access to all the tools you need to design a perfect website or blog. You can add all kinds of features to create a diverse portfolio. The platform can also be used for maintenance purposes after the deployment of the website.

There are various WordPress packages you can install based on your individual requirements. Simple WordPress is adequate for basic needs. The Auto Scalable WordPress Cluster includes auto-adjustment of resources based on load. The WordPress Cluster + Lsyncd enables file synchronization and gives auto-scaling options for individual server layers.

You can find the best-suited WordPress cluster to get a highly productive CMS and install it in one click right here.

PaaS Wordpress application

2. Joomla!

Joomla! is open-source software that you can use to build websites and applications just like WordPress. This free-to-use CMS gives you access to a great degree of functionality. Once you install it, you can use these features to make a unique application for your business. Furthermore, you also get access to thousands of extensions that are very useful if you belong to a highly specific niche. They help you add specialized features that work perfectly for you as a custom solution.

Start building and effectively managing your website with the Joomla! one-click package.

PaaS joomla

3. ownCloud

If you are in search of a data storage and sharing solution, then ownCloud is the tool you are looking for. ownCloud is a server that allows you to carefully and safely share and store your files. All you have to do is install the application with just one click on your system. Then, you can upload your data onto the given server. From there, you can easily access the data on a private interface or even synchronize it with mobile devices like Apple and Android phones. All of this can be done without worrying about data security and integrity.

You can capitalize on free cloud storage by installing the ownCloud software application.

4. File Synchronization

File synchronization is an add-on that makes life extremely simple and straightforward for your digital managers. The issue of synchronization usually comes up in settings where you need to utilize multiple web servers. Here, it is important to ensure that the data is consistent across the board. 

Until and unless this is ensured, the app performance will be compromised and your website will not be able to handle increasing traffic. With our one-click package, you will be able to install Lsyncd on all of your individual servers in a given environment. It is also possible for you to manually select which folders you wish to synchronize. In case of any changes in any of the files, you will get a notification through inotify.

You can add this add-on to your system with our installation package for File Synchronization.

PaaS file synchronization

5. MySQL DB Auto-Clustering

We also enable you to install the MySQL cluster. Upon installation, you will acquire a master database with a number of slave containers. The system replicates the data from the master onto the slave. The slave confirms by sending a success message which facilitates future updates.

The program will allow you to configure the number of slaves you require during installation. If you want, you can configure them after the installation or by using the topology wizard. One of the great things about this package is that it is extremely scalable. Objectively speaking, you can perform vertical scaling up to a limit of 8 dynamic cloudlets.

You can install the MySQL DB Auto-Clustering package here

MySQL PaaS application

6. Cyclos 4

Cyclos 4 is a useful tool if you are looking to add banking modules to an e-commerce website. It gives you access to unique tools to build a custom payment system. After performing the installation of the Cyclos 4 program, all you have to do is modify the configurations.

You can start hosting Cyclos 4 on your system with this one-click installation package.

cyclos4 paas

7. New Relic

If you are looking for an application performance tracking and analysis tool, New Relic is the way to go. It is a reliable infrastructure that allows you to collect data, supervise metrics, and perform real-time tracking as well as troubleshooting. It showcases any issues, finds slowness in queries or web requests, and provides useful data to improve your application metrics. 

Get started on your journey to real-time tracking with the New Relic package.

PaaS New Relic application

8. Magento

Magento is another cloud application that works in collaboration with e-commerce platforms. Considering that it is open-source, it is an even more attractive option. Not to mention, we envelop it into a concise, one-click installation package for you. It is popularly used for object-oriented programming or OOP using the EAV model. The application is able to store and handle large volumes of data, offering a lot of flexibility and versatility in its features and design.

You can find the Magento package here and begin facilitating the organic growth of your business.

9. Drupal

This is a solution suitable for larger-scale operations that are concurrently managing multiple websites. Drupal is a platform that allows you to successfully and efficiently keep track of all of your applications. This intuitive CMS gives you a unified platform with a number of standard and specialized tools. You can use these features in various combinations to build the ideal ecosystem for your web management process. 

Get started with your own version of the Drupal CMS here.

10. Let’s Encrypt Free SSL

Let’s Encrypt is an open Certificate Authority that is designed to offer people free digital certificates. These certificates can be used to enable HTTPS for all kinds of websites in exchange for absolutely no cost. It typically costs a fair amount to get this certification otherwise. This browser-trusted SSL certificate can be attached to any of your personal and commercial websites. This makes Let’s Encrypt Free SSL an incredibly useful resource for any company or business with a digital aspect. 

Through the platform, you can obtain private keys, generate Certificate Signing Requests, and acquire certifications in as little time as 30 minutes for free. It is possible for you to get SSL certification for internal environment addresses as well as custom domains. 

We further simplify the process by making the program available for one-click installation right here.

Let's Encrypt PaaS application

CloudSigma PaaS- a Complete and Concise Turnkey Solution

While cloud applications like the ones presented here offer a lot of features for websites and applications, it is possible for you to maximize functionality even further. To allow you to do just that, Cloudsigma brings to you a complete cloud solution in the form of a turnkey Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS solution. A big bonus you get is the ability to install all of your essential software tools and applications with just a click of a button.

This innovative infrastructure will enable you to build complex application environments with fully automated operations. You can apply a wide variety of innovative tools to create scalable applications in the cloud that are secure, intuitive, and cost-effective. Our ultimate goal is to help you design and deploy the applications of your dreams with minimum investment and hassle. You can learn more about our PaaS service right here. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries.

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