Take advantage of ourflexible cloud serverson your terms.


Stay Agile & Scale-Up on Demand

With CloudSigma you create the combination of CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth you require. Resources are not bundled together and there is no “standard size” server. Combine long-term subscriptions for predictable workloads with on-demand scalability for unplanned capacity.


Enjoy Top Performance

Highest performance cloud stack powered by HPE’s latest generation hardware running on 10GigE infrastructure. Easily stream at multiple gigabit speeds from our cloud servers. Avoid network bottlenecks on big data runs, video streams, you name it! We provide a one-stop-shop for your telco-grade cloud needs.


Rely on Unprecedented Customer Support

CloudSigma’s friendly and skilled customer support is available 24X7 with a response time under one minute. It is accessible to all our clients free of charge through chat and email.
Our strict escalation policy ensures the rapid resolution of all issues.

Select from Worldwide Locations

Choose the most appropriate national legal framework under which to run your cloud infrastructure. Let your customers enjoy low latency & faster load times.

Run Your Apps Unmodified

Any x86 OS or application can run in our cloud unmodified. Use our seamless live migration tool to get you up and running in the cloud without any modifications to your existing infrastructure.

Experience No Vendor Lock-In

At CloudSigma you are able to develop or deploy your application in the cloud without being forced to use any vendor-specific tools.

A Trusted Cloud Partner

High Resiliency

Our cloud infrastructure is hosted in world-class, purpose-built, Tier III+ design data centers which ensures high resiliency. Our data centers are situated in prime locations that provide excellent communication links.

ISO Security Certified Cloud

CloudSigma endeavors to deliver a high degree of security and privacy for customers in accordance with the various aspects of their computing. This is reflected in CloudSigma’s ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 security certifications, PCI DSS – compliance and our strict DDoS-policy.


Our company and secure cloud servers are structured to be independent by location. In other words, we silo each cloud location, wherever it may be in the world. If you do computing with us in Switzerland, you are subject to Swiss law only. In the US you are subject only to the US law, etc.

High Availability 

CloudSigma guarantees 100% availability of virtual servers and network backed up by strict SLAs and full hardware & network redundancy.

Preferred HPE Cloud Provider

HPE and CloudSigma are partnering to engage with leading service providers around the globe to enable them to deliver best in class cloud services, powered by HPE latest generation hardware and CloudSigma top performance cloud platform.

Full Redundancy

All critical systems and data run at least in duplicate within a single location with additional resilience available as an option.

A Neutral Migration Tool

Take advantage of our hypervisor neutral & application independent migration tool to live migrate your in-house or cloud servers 1:1 to CloudSigma.

Operational Features

KVM Cloud2

KVM Cloud

Benefit from our open source KVM hypervisor. It provides full separation of all traffic between client accounts below the virtual machine level.

An Elegant API2

An Elegant API

Take advantage of our RESTful API access with all account actions available, allowing complete automation and remote monitoring.

Web App2

A User-Friendly WebApp

Check out our feature-rich, yet intuitive web browser-based GUI. It has been designed to allow easy resource management via any web browser.

CI Drivers2

Cloud Integrations & Drivers

Get access to many external integrations and valuable partnerships offering value from partners like Ubuntu, OpenVPN, and CoreOS.

Security Features

Full Root Access

You retain full sole access to your data at the file system level; the CloudSigma system does not have access inside VMs or drives. All customer data is handled automatically by our system.

Access Control Lists

Use our ACLs to segment account control rights and access to the different operational aspects. Allow access to different resources or a group of resources across the account.

DDoS Protection

Our team actively monitors all incident logs in our CloudFlare-based DDoS protection system. We are always on standby to provide timely alerts to customers whose IP addresses are detected to receive excessive traffic and as a result are added to a black hole.

2F Authentication

Enable Google’s two-step authentication to increase the access security to your account by providing a unique password in addition to your username and password in order to log into the cloud platform UI.

Data Encryption

We support the encryption of partial or full i.e. boot level encryption of virtual drives. You can also connect to your VMs using encrypted protocols to ensure the integrity of login and other data you transmit to and from your servers.

SSH Keys

Secure access to your VMs is facilitated using SSH key pairs. You can run commands on a machine’s command prompt without being physically present near the machine.

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