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Part 2: 5 key areas proving the oil & gas industry should embrace the cloud [FREE e-book included]

This is the second post of the two-part series that delves into how oil & gas companies can benefit from cloud infrastructure and why CloudSigma is the right cloud provider for the oil & gas sector. In Part 1 of the series, we looked into the specifics of the oil & gas industry. In this post, we are focusing on how CloudSigma’s features complement the requirements of the ideal infrastructure for oil & gas companies.

The benefits of the cloud and CloudSigma’s solution


First, when it comes to the oil & gas business the availability of real-time, accurate data from field instrumentation, contractors, regulators, and other stakeholders ensures more transparent processes. More than that, it leads to increased levels of productivity across departments. For example, in cases of chemical resupply having real-time data would allow the field worker to have access to actual chemical levels vs usage on the spot. This allows the field worker to make better, more informed decisions. Consequently, this leads to increased overall performance. Besides, a cloud provider would give the oil & industry the benefit of real-time data visibility.

CloudSigma’s platform constantly updates its routing based on live latency measurements. We optimize the latency from any given Internet eXchange point to the cloud locations. As a result, we offer exceptionally low latency and faster load times. From the clients’ perspective, this means less down timе, lower latency and faster load times.

In terms of the oil & gas sector, CloudSigma offers multiple locations in the Middle East & APAC region, including a location in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We have joined forces with the leading-edge provider of innovative IT solutions in KSA, Virtual Vision to offer one of the first public cloud offerings based entirely in Saudi Arabia, the V2 Public Cloud.

Unlike other cloud offerings, Virtual Vision’s unique collaboration with CloudSigma enables us to craft custom end to end solutions for customers that directly service their needs. Further, we achieve that competitive price through a single billing relationship for hosting, cloud and networking connectivity. Hazem Sandouka, COO @ Virtual Vision.

The offering allows customers from the region to receive the most appropriate national legal framework under which to run their cloud infrastructure. Further, it provides extremely low latency thresholds.


A huge benefit for energy companies provided by cloud infrastructure is scalability. One of the recent technological advancements in the oil & gas industry is the ability to monitor well health with sensors. The amount of data produced by these sensors is growing at a fast pace, which leads to the accumulation of large amounts of data over time. As a result, oil & gas businesses need data storage that can scale up rapidly. In addition, cloud computing infrastructure has a clear advantage over on-premise when it comes to storage scalability. With the cloud, companies can be sure that as they grow, their storage will grow with them without the burden of delay and huge costs required by traditional infrastructure.

“Whether the customer has gigabytes or petabytes of existing data that needs to move to the cloud, we need to know that we can scale up a solution quickly. Since the migration to CloudSigma we have complete confidence that scaling up in the cloud will never be an issue. That’s because with CloudSigma this can be done with a few clicks.”Blake Burton, CFO @ Attained

CloudSigma’s platform is very suitable for supporting companies in the energy sector. This is because our customers have the freedom to create the combination of CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth they require. Our platform allows for mixing and matching all SSD and magnetic storage with our cloud servers. This allows for the best combination of cloud resources without the limitation of fixed server sizes. Hence, each customer deployment is unique like a snowflake. Our platform gives energy companies the opportunity to experience true utility computing.


All innovative, solutions-based companies need flexible infrastructure. The energy sector is no exception. On-premise infrastructures are simply not able to provide flexible solutions that support business expansion, agility, and operational efficiency.

On the other hand, cloud infrastructure does give oil & gas companies the ability to fine-tune cloud servers in order to meet specific application requirements on a per-server basis.

CloudSigma offers our customers complete control and flexibility over their cloud environments. Companies are able to run any operating system unmodified (including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and more). They can craft their environment to their liking with completely flexible server sizing, high availability, tiered storage, and advanced networking.

Cost Efficiency

Oil & gas companiess with on-premise solutions require constant spending on new hardware equipment. In addition, they need to spend on the recruitment of more IT team members, which is added to the cost of maintenance and regular hardware upgrades. In addition, adopting a cloud infrastructure gives energy companies the opportunity to tailor their storage as needed while saving on the cost for on-premise servers and their constant maintenance. Digitalization is the clear path for the energy sector to reduce costs.

“When you do the math and consider CloudSigma’s much higher performance, the cloud cost efficiency advantage of CloudSigma is undeniable. With CloudSigma, we could spin up a server with just 0.73 GB RAM and 0.94 GHz CPU if we wanted to, and just pay for that! We did some rough calculations and managed to save about 40 percent on yearly cloud computing operating costs alone.” Amit Chaudhary, Co-founder @ Grepsr.

CloudSigma’s solution offers a unique combination of scalability and flexibility, accompanied by a unique pay-as-you-go structure. In fact, it ensures customers achieve the best price-performance ratio. CloudSigma’s platform offers 5-minute-billing-cycles. For example,  if a customer requires additional CPU only for 5 minutes, then the customer will pay only for this time frame and not for the whole hour. Thus, oil & gas businesses can reduce their costs without compromising the quality of the service.


Previously, the industry has addressed security concerns as a reason to hold back on the adoption of cloud-based systems. However, security services provided by a cloud environment give an unprecedented guarantee that clients’ data is safe. On the other hand, on-premise systems’ security measures are antiquated and less reliable.

According to PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey 2017, “62% of businesses in the oil and gas industry are employing cloud-based managed security services to help integrate, manage and improve cybersecurity and privacy.” The majority of the services are used for the prevention of data loss, monitoring, analytics, and authentication. Migrating to a cloud provider allows the oil & gas sector to take advantage of the cyber security measures cloud providers have integrated into their solutions. Cloud providers ensure that their clients’ servers are stored at secure storage facilities. There, it is protected against thieves and natural disasters. The cloud provides unprecedented security and reliability.

CloudSigma ensures that all aspects of its infrastructure and services used to deliver and manage your cloud conform to the highest ISO certification standard in relation to security and data privacy. This is reflected in CloudSigma’s security certifications including ISO 27001,  ISO 27017 and ISO 27018. We regard this as a top priority. Thus, we guarantee openness and transparency with respect to our security procedures and policies.

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Cloud computing presents numerous opportunities for the future development of the oil & gas industry. It brings considerable competitive advantage in terms of performance, cost, scalability and security. Companies that adopt the cloud are one step ahead from the competition to continue to expand and innovate in the field.

CloudSigma’s unique position as a cloud provider in Saudi Arabia makes it the perfect partner for companies in the oil & gas sector. Our public cloud offering, V2 Public Cloud provides the full spectrum of infrastructure and IT services. Furthermore, another unique feature of V2 Public Cloud is its disaster recovery capabilities. Finally, to learn more about the unique features of our cloud offering, read here.


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