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CloudSigma, Virtual Vision and HPE collaborate to launch V2 Public Cloud, the first public cloud offering in Saudi Arabia

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Virtual Vision (V2) is a leading-edge provider of innovative IT solutions. The company’s primary focus is business technologies which are IT products and solutions that meet customers’ business needs. V2’s goal is to tackle IT costs and help clients reduce them with its portfolio of products and solutions. Virtual Vision believes that its value lies in the adoption of new ideas and its focus on cloud deployments.

Virtual Vision has been already actively operating a cloud sales process that lies in the premise of private and public cloud. From virtualization and cloud computing to unified communications and collaboration, Virtual Vision architects professional technology solutions across two core areas: infrastructure/data center and endpoint computing. The company’s mission consists of two basic principles: anything done well can be done even better and customer relations is key. V2 is dedicated to improving how corporations run their businesses and how people live their lives.

The Challenge

V2 prides itself on being the Saudi Arabian leader in developing smart solutions and advancing the digitised economy in the Kingdom. At the same time, being a driver of technological innovation leads to a constant need for improvement and expansion of services. A significant challenge V2 was facing was the need to regularly upgrade its customer acquisition process.

V2 made the decision to look for a partner that would enable the company to offer cloud services to its customers. The company was on the lookout for an alternative to cloud solutions already existing in the market. The main requirement for V2 was to find a partner that worked well with its goal to constantly upgrade its offerings. V2 was looking for a unique solution provider that would allow it to extend its portfolio of services for companies across all industries.

“When we started looking for a partner that would enable us to launch the first-ever public cloud based entirely in Saudi Arabia, we had a specific check-list of items. The two main ones that we wouldn’t compromise on were to be user-friendly and provide high levels of security for our customers.”Hazem Sandouka, COO @ Virtual Vision

The Solution

Over the years V2 was unable to find the solution that they were looking for, until they encountered CloudSigma. The two companies joined forces in partnership with HPE to create the V2 Public Cloud offering in the beginning of 2018.

“CloudSigma offered us an unprecedented value proposition that allows us to provide the full spectrum of infrastructure and IT services. The company’s offering met 100% of the requirements we had when looking for a partner.”

In addition, the cloud installation process proved to be rather smooth for V2 and CloudSigma. Typically, a deployment process does not run according to schedule. Often, additional issues tend to come up. However, the physical installation of the cloud went very well.

“We encountered some delays during the deployment since there are a lot of moving parts in such a processes. Our collaboration with CloudSigma was a greenfield project. There wasn’t any ready infrastructure to adapt for the cloud. Every single thing had to be shipped, stacked and deployed. There is no such thing as a perfect onboarding process. At the same time, the fact that we launched on time speaks for itself.”Hazem Sandouka, COO @ Virtual Vision

The familiarization with the unique Cloud-as-a-Service model was also an easy process for V2. The model allows V2 to offer a fully managed public cloud node alongside its existing products. Its extensive experience in the provisioning of IT services ensured an easy transition to the new model.

More than that, CloudSigma played a role in the successful cooperation between the two companies. The company proved to be responsive and helpful in any occasion that issues came about during the infrastructure and cloud deployment process for the new V2 public cloud offering.

The Impact

Following the deployment process, the most important aspect to determine the success of the solution depended on the effective liason between V2 and CloudSigma operations team.

“Our experience with CloudSigma’s operations team and their management of the Cloud has been positive so far. The team is very knowledgeable.”

Currently, the goal of the companies is to maintain the excellent performance and stability of the service. So far, there have been no major technical issues with the solution.

“The stability and performance so far have been really good. V2 is very realistic about how things go when a service is initially launched. After the hard launch in September, there have been some bugs to be resolved. However, since then, any issues that have been raised have been dealt with extremely quickly. We, as a partner are also not a typical Cloud-as-a-Service partner in the sense that we are very active in helping the CloudSigma team with any problems that might come up.”Hazem Sandouka, COO @ Virtual Vision

The new joint venture allows both companies to contribute to the ongoing development of the IT industry in Saudi Arabia and the wider region. In fact, the solution is the pioneer public cloud offering based entirely in Saudi Arabia. Being the first in the market is not always easy. Luckily, some initial doubts within both partners have proven to be invalid.

“We were convinced that we wouldn’t have a single customer in the first six months of the launch, but it didn’t turn out to be true, we had our first customer in a matter of two weeks. It is difficult to introduce a new product to the Saudi market, but we have been off to a good start. So far, there hasn’t been a single complaint from a customer.”

The Change

The first-ever public cloud offering based entirely in Saudi Arabia is the ideal fit to support local corporate and government clients with their need to safeguard their data assets locally. The number one thing it offers is a well-built cloud. The most important asset of the solution is the fact that it is a collaboration between two very knowledgeable and experienced partners.

Since the launch of V2 Public Cloud, V2 feels like the market where it operates has been significantly elevated. In fact, it has exceeded expectations.

“The fact that we have introduced this new service to the market feels like a breath of fresh air to many customers. Users are not used to seeing something that works so well. Since we have introduced Desktop-as-a-Service, users see us as magicians and wizards, because the platform is working and it’s efficient.”

“The most favorable comments from customers have been about the combination of CloudSigma and V2. Together we are very quick in responding to users’ requests. Thanks to CloudSigma’s experience, we are able to amplify our work and continue pushing the service on the market.”Hazem Sandouka, COO @ Virtual Vision

In addition, V2’s customers have made it clear that they needed a SAP solution. Thus, V2 contacted CloudSigma expressing the need to implement SAP as a necessary component of the solution. Ultimately, the CloudSigma team made sure to deploy the service and that everything is working well.

As a result, the availability of SAP on the cloud doubled the sales pipeline. Previously, this was untested by the market. Therefore, it was important to see that the new service has pushed a lot of attention in the direction of the V2 Public Cloud offering.

The Future

Going forward, V2 is looking for the natural evolution of the platform. The company understands that the market is constantly evolving and users will expect more services in the future.

“The real power of the platform lies in what the future will bring for technology. The advantage of CloudSigma’s platform is that it is launchable for any primary service. For now, we’re very happy with CloudSigma. We have found the perfect match for our current needs.”

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