CTO Cloud powered by CloudSigma and Citron Solutions success story

What Makes CTO Cloud Powered by CloudSigma the Most Reliable Partner for Quick and Secure Project Delivery

Customer Profile

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Citron Information Solutions is a company focused on providing technology solutions for the gaming industry. As such the company has a portfolio of complete products that enhance gaming providers to manage a successful and compliant gaming business. Currently, Citron Information Solutions is serving the gaming industry leaders in the Philippines and APAC region with its state-of-the-art technologies and consulting practices.

The Challenge

Most of Citron’s clients operate in the gaming industry. As such, it is critical for the company to be able to provide adequate support for the storage and transfer of high data volumes through their infrastructure. In addition to the struggle for data support, another one of Citron’s concerns was the need to reorient its business to leverage the help of local services. As the company is based in the Philippines they needed to partner with a local cloud provider. Doing so would prove to be a much more secure solution that is compliant with local policies and is able to maintain uptime consistently. Equally as important was the ability of the service to facilitate quick project delivery and implementation, which is crucial for the gaming industry. Since Comfac powered by CloudSigma fulfilled all of the above requirements, it proved to be the go-to choice.

The quick speeds and ease of use of the cloud environment made things quite simple for our technical team. So far, they have not experienced any issues with Comfac and CloudSigma.

“The CTO cloud powered by Cloudsigma’s platform is among the most open when compared to its competitors. That is one of the features that encouraged us to select their cloud for our business.”Dennis Buenviaje, IT Head @ Citron

The Solution

Citron took a number of different cloud providers into consideration, including AWS, Alibaba, and Azure. These options were judged across a number of different critical parameters. Ultimately, Comfac Technology Options powered by CloudSigma came out on top of the competition for a multitude of reasons. These include Comfac’s flexible bandwidth tiers and extremely cost-efficient options among others. In fact, Comfac and CloudSigma provide a Free Tier which includes 5TB of free data transfer, 1GB of RAM, and 50GB of NVMe storage. This tier is quite useful for a majority of users who are running projects with high data loads. In addition, the CTO cloud powered by CloudSigma is extremely compatible and allows any x86 OS or application to run in the cloud unmodified.

The Implementation

A good support system is necessary for the proper implementation of cloud solutions like these, especially during the initial transition phase. Citron’s technical team was first allowed to interact with the Comfac cloud powered by CloudSigma after which the complete transaction took very little time and effort. Once the necessary tests for latency and overall resource performance showed positive results Citron chose CloudSigma as its go-to partner. 

With solutions like these, there is a lot of potential for minor errors that can turn into major issues down the line. It was a blessing for our technical team to have constant assistance from the Comfac and CloudSigma support team which made it a point to individually address all of our concerns until the problems were solved. We were very impressed with their degree of knowledge and level of expertise.Dennis Buenviaje, IT Head @ Citron

At times, Citron clients may demand a deployment that comprises both cloud and on-premise components. Data synchronization and security are two of the most pressing issues in these situations. Citron believes that ever since employing Comfac powered by CloudSigma, the quality of their hybrid projects and services has improved considerably.

The Change

The major change that Citron has noticed after adopting the CTO cloud powered by CloudSigma has been the significant increase in performance quality. In addition to that, it has proven to be an extremely cost-effective solution that is quite popular with new and old Citron customers alike. They have been highly appreciative of the platform’s features, from the infrastructure to the billing cycles.

With Comfac powered by CloudSigma in our corner, we have a dependable cloud provider that we can always rely on. This has eliminated our need to search for and decide between the best-suited cloud solutions for every new project which end up disappointing us more often than not.Dennis Buenviaje, IT Head @ Citron

The Future

The gaming niche has quickly transformed into a booming industry that is only expected to grow in popularity in the near future. Citron, in collaboration with Comfac and CloudSigma, has been working hard to provide innovative solutions for its customers. They are aiming to continue this legacy of 5 years as one of the most reliable competitors in the field.

We have found a very comfortable operating zone within which to continue modifying and expanding our business without any major risks or threats. We look forward to our future endeavors with Comfac and CloudSigma.


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