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CloudSigma Hybrid Cloud Offering

A hybrid cloud is the combination of features of two or more cloud models – private, community, and public. Consequently, it provides versatility, user-friendly and cost-effective features of the public cloud. It offers greater control and security of a private cloud and that is why it is often the preferred choice. Another driving factor is that companies prefer to have the option to run their core applications in-house. Also, they will be able to run others on a public cloud without losing control of any of the data. A hybrid model enables organizations to derive maximum benefit from their cloud infrastructure.

CloudSigma’s secure hybrid cloud technology allows direct, secure, private IP only connectivity between private networks in the cloud and private infrastructure. All this within any of the data centers in our 13 locations across the globe. With CloudSigma’s hybrid cloud offer, customers can add large scale elastic infrastructure to their existing deployment. Thus, achieving cost optimization as well as increasing reliability and security. This confers a number of key advantages to the customers.

Benefits of our hybrid cloud offering:

  • create powerful unified private/public infrastructure deployments and strategies
  • instantly scale-up of your physical infrastructure
  • <1ms latency between your private deployment and CloudSigma
  • utilise networking-as-a-service products to boost connectivity & security
  • mirror your private infrastructure to the cloud using the CloudSigma disaster-recovery-as-a-service

Our hybrid solution offers a simple, cost effective and secure way to extend your infrastructure:

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The connectivity speed is up to 40Gbp to our cloud, internally or externally, from outside our data center locations. The result is that the two environments can run on the same network subnet at full speed without any latency. This, in turn, allows for seamless scaling out of applications across the cloud infrastructure deployments and introduces agnostic usage of both environments for computing.

Why choose our solution?

Customers essentially are able to route their traffic via our cloud with CloudSigma hosting their IP ranges on our routers, taking advantage of our public cloud connectivity, including multiple 10GigE lines to various carriers and IXPs in most of our cloud locations, plus the added benefit of IDS protection, all managed through 24/7 NOC. Instead of carrying the responsibility of procuring and connecting your own individual external connectivity line to your racks, you leverage our redundant routing and lines without any upfront fees or minimum monthly commits.

Users take advantage of our hybrid solution regardless of whether their infrastructure is in the same data center or not. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate the cost of the private patch or public patch to our cloud. In this way, the clients who choose the hybrid cloud can eliminate data transfer costs and latencies between their private and public infrastructures. In addition, they will actually lower the hosting costs of their own private infrastructure in the process.

By making use of CloudSigma’s existing multiple internet connectivity lines, in some of our data center locations, we can offer a Network-as-a-Service product, complete with intrusion and DDoS protection, giving customers managed high availability public internet access for their racks in the data center.

Watch our CEO talk about hybrid cloud approaches during a Q&A session in the Philippines:

All of the above is complemented by a fully integrated Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service that leverages the power of a hybrid cloud model to combine your primary infrastructure with a cloud-based DR environment.

Therefore, our customers obtain from a single source the full spectrum of dedicated infrastructure. With colocation and hosting over the on-premise cloud, secure hybrid cloud, dedicated public cloud capabilities to the public cloud, backed up by DDoS protection and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service scenarios.

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