CloudSigma security measures

Five Security Measures CloudSigma has taken to keep you safe

The complexity of cloud infrastructures makes it difficult for customers to assess the security level of their cloud provider in any great detail. So, below is a list of the key security measures which CloudSigma as a major public cloud IaaS provider has taken to keep you, the customer, safe. These sit alongside the structural measures that keep customer cloud data legally secure in our clouds.

1. SSL Always On

Firstly, we ensure an encrypted link between you and your server at all times. Even our regular website defaults to SSL.

2. Encrypted VPN Tunnels between Locations

Ensure data between our clouds remains secure. Moreover, it means even public IP traffic destined to one of our other cloud locations is encrypted end-to-end between those two CloudSigma locations.

3. Free VPN Server Licenses for all Customers

Through our partners at OpenVPN every CloudSigma customer gets two user licenses for their OpenVPN servers within our cloud. It’s never been easier to set-up and run a VPN server in the cloud. As a result of CloudSigma’s partnership with OpenVPN, customers benefit from enhanced licensing terms including two free users for free per OpenVPN server.

4. DDOS Mitigation at the Cloud Level

All our clouds sit behind our proprietary anti-DDoS system to protect against Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). Our systems detect attacks within seconds and are fully integrated into our upstream networking partners. So, this means that our customers rarely if ever notice DDOS attempts against servers in our cloud. In addition, having our own system has allowed our networking team to be flexible, to adjust and to improve the system in line with the needs of a cloud service provider.

5. Free Hypervisor Level Networking Policies/Firewalls

Our customers can easily set-up and apply networking policies against their cloud servers, enforced at the hypervisor level, for free. Also, these customizable firewall policies allow you to define your specific security aspects as you please by the creation and customization of the policies, and attach them to virtual machines.

Achieving and maintaining secure environments is a moving target and not something where one size fits all. So, why not test out some of our security measures for yourself? You can sign up and be running with a cloud server in under a minute. Enjoy safe cloud computing with us!


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