Docker, Cgroups & More from ApacheCon 2015

Earlier this month, I spoke at ApacheCon North America in Austin, Texas. Being an open source software user for many years, I have a lot of respect for the Apache Software Foundation. As such, it was an honor to be invited and to give back to the community.

At ApacheCon, the days were filled with presentations on topics ranging from Kubernetes, to Mesos and of course Apache.

For those of you who were unable to make it to the ApacheCon, there are recordings available from the sessions in the keynote hall.

As it turns out, this year also marks Apache’s 20th birthday. That obviously called for celebration with cake.

Two of the original Apache members: Ken Coar and Brian Behlendorf next to the original Apache feather.

Also, if you’re working on an open source project, I strongly encourage you to take a look at the Apache Incubator project. If your project qualifies, the Apache Software Foundation will provide you with a lot of valuable resources. They will help you take your project to the next level.

My session on Cgroups and Cgroupspy

My presentation was an introduction cgroups, where I also covered how we use cgroups internally combined with our internally developed library cgroupspy. The session also covers how to use cgroups with libcgroups as well as with Docker.

The presentation deck from my talk is available for CloudSigma’s blog readers below.


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