Using Node.js Modules with npm and package.json: A Tutorial featured image

Using Node.js Modules with npm and package.json: A Tutorial

Node.js is an open-source cross-platform Javascript runtime environment. For the last few years, it has become a popular choice for back-end web development due to its fast Input/Output (I/O) performance and unbeatable JavaScript syntax. Also, its adaptive nature allows quick customization, making this server technology stand out from its competitors. Node.js Package Manager — An Overview Node.js Package Manager or …


JavaScript Tools: localStorage and sessionStorage

JavaScript (often abbreviated as JS) is one of the foundations of the modern web infrastructure. It’s a lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented programming language that supports first-class functions. JavaScript is mostly known for its implementation in dynamic web pages. Because of its features, however, JavaScript is also used in non-browser environments. In this guide, we will discuss in detail two JavaScript objects: …

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A Tutorial on Working with JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify()

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is used to describe JavaScript objects. It is a data-sharing format that specifies data values using key-value pairs. The JSON object is supported across all major browsers. This tutorial requires that you are familiar with JavaScript and working with the JSON object. To get familiar with JSON, you can take a look at …

Using HTTP client Axios in a React Application featured image

Using HTTP client Axios in a React Application: A Tutorial

Many web apps face the necessity of interfacing with a REST API at some point in their development. For React-based web apps, we can use Axios, a lightweight HTTP client based on the $http service within Angular.js v1.x. The features are similar to JavaScript’s native Fetch API. Axios is promise-based, allowing us the ability to incorporate JavaScript’s async and await

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Setting Up a React Project with Create React App

React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for developing front-end apps. It’s an open-source library that was originally developed by Facebook. React quickly became popular for creating fast applications with JSX – a programming paradigm that combines JavaScript with an HTML-like syntax. Previously, setting up a React project would have been a complex process. It required configuring the …

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A Tutorial on Working with JSON in JavaScript

Introduction There are many ways that JSON can be used in JavaScript. One of its most basic uses is storing data. You can also use it to transfer data between clients, between servers, or from server to client. Other useful applications include the ability to configure and verify data as well as generate data structures. In this tutorial, we will …

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An Overview of the JSON Data Sharing Format

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON for short and pronounced much like the name ‘Jason’), is a type of data sharing format. As evidenced by its name, JSON stems from JavaScript, but it is not the sole code proprietor that permits its utilization. In fact, many other programming languages have it available for their use including Ruby, PHP, Python, and Java. When …