PHP Rate Limiting Using Redis featured image

Implementing PHP Rate Limiting Using Redis on Ubuntu 20.04: A Tutorial

Redis, also called Remote Dictionary Server, is an open-sourced in-memory database. It is a data-structured storage system that runs on a server’s RAM, which is much quicker than the fastest Solid State Drive (SSD). As a result, Redis is very responsive and an excellent fit for rate limiting. Rate limiting restricts the number of times a user may request a …


JavaScript Tools: localStorage and sessionStorage

JavaScript (often abbreviated as JS) is one of the foundations of the modern web infrastructure. It’s a lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented programming language that supports first-class functions. JavaScript is mostly known for its implementation in dynamic web pages. Because of its features, however, JavaScript is also used in non-browser environments. In this guide, we will discuss in detail two JavaScript objects: …

Using HTTP client Axios in a React Application featured image

Using HTTP client Axios in a React Application: A Tutorial

Many web apps face the necessity of interfacing with a REST API at some point in their development. For React-based web apps, we can use Axios, a lightweight HTTP client based on the $http service within Angular.js v1.x. The features are similar to JavaScript’s native Fetch API. Axios is promise-based, allowing us the ability to incorporate JavaScript’s async and await

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How to Deploy your Virtual Infrastructure at CloudSigma with Terraform

Well, it turns out that I am the one to have the honor of making the following announcement: you can now deploy stuff with CloudSigma using Terraform! Ain’t that awesome?! Allow me to say: yes, it is awesome.  One of the products of HashiCorp, Terraform, is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. You can easily deploy your infrastructure …

Measuring VM Traffic on CloudSigma

How to measure the traffic on your VM with the CloudSigma API and RRDtool

Learn how to measure the traffic of your virtual machines in CloudSigma using the simple instructions below, to obtain, store and graph the traffic from our different network interfaces. To obtain the statistics of each interface we can make use of the CloudSigma API and a simple script that will store the data of each network interface. The database we …

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Using CloudSigma’s API with Golang

aLogging into the CloudSigma website presents one with all that is needed to create, configure, and administer a CloudSigma virtual infrastructure, or IaaS. Alongside the menu for the various control panels, you will also see a link to the API documentation. The API enables programmatic access to all of the website functionality of the CloudSigma platform via HTTPS, returning JSON …

Introducing server contextualization

We’re excited to announce the support for server contextualization. This means that you can post various meta data to either your server or drive definition (via the API), and then read it back from within the actual server. This has been a popular feature request, since it is applicable to a wide array of tasks. Two of the most common …