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Scalability in the Cloud – Just Perfect for Social Collaboration Platforms

Customer Profile


Tracky is a cloud-based group project discovery app enabling members to share, chat, and manage project documents in a secure manner. The company’s social collaboration platform lets its users organize all of their to do’s or tracks, work projects and social connections in one place. Tracky can be utilized for everything- from planning a wedding to launching an international brand. The app offers its members the opportunity to work socially and get more done in a single work hub. They can add to-do lists, live chats, calendars, social publishing, task management, social accountability, cloud-based storage and more.

Our customer knew, however, that without one key technological advancement – cloud computing – its telecommuting business strategy wouldn’t be sustainable. The increasing demand for its software would also diminish. As its services continued to grow, Tracky realized it needed a cloud platform that could adjust scalability with its user base. At the same time it had to support fluctuating capacity demands.

“As a remote business, we knew the cloud was the right environment for our services. After all, we are based all over the United States. We couldn’t fly 1,500 miles to push a button on our hardware every time we needed to spin up more CPU or RAM.”David Longnecker, Senior Developer @ Tracky.

The Implementation

As a result, it started looking for a suitable cloud partner to achieve the needed scalability. Our customer evaluated several public cloud providers. It found that only CloudSigma was able to meet its demands for cloud scalability, flexibility and cost-savings while providing the necessary control over its own deployment and meeting changing user capacity needs.

“After migrating from our restricted, self-hosted solution to CloudSigma, today we can do things much more easily.”

CloudSigma’s ability to size servers exactly in line with the growing requirements of Tracky was a big draw. Without pre-packaged bundles, we allowed our client to specify compute resources as needed on a pay-as-you-go basis. This, combined with CloudSigma’s five-minute billing increments, eliminated the company’s wasted resources from over-provisioning. It also added a level of transparency to its virtual machine deployments.

“If we need a few gigs more or a few gigs less, it’s as easy as sliding a bar left or right until we come to the perfect amount, depending on user demand. We’re not wasting anything in terms of power, memory or storage! If an additional three million users suddenly decided to visit our site tomorrow, we are confident in our ability to spin up additional cloud capacity as needed and for CloudSigma’s infrastructure to ‘just work.’”David Longnecker, Senior Developer @ Tracky.

The Solution

The fact that we at CloudSigma offer an open software layer was another big advantage for making the final decision.

“We evaluated several other solutions before selecting CloudSigma. All had extensive limitations and lacked the support for any ‘non-tested’ distributions or licensing. If we wanted to create a virtualized resource for an unsupported system, all the other providers seemed to require a committee to make that happen, and we move too fast for that!”

CloudSigma, on the other hand, was able to meet Tracky’s requirements for using its own Microsoft licences.

“We’re a Microsoft shop, so we obviously wanted to use the latest Windows 2012 server. Even though CloudSigma had never provisioned one before, they worked closely with us to load license copies to our preferred environment.”

Moreover, during the migration, the client’s team received significant support from CloudSigma’s team. The customer support team assisted Tracky by loading licence copies to its preferred environment.

“Other providers would’ve told us we had to switch to conform to their supported vendors. CloudSigma has the best customer support for us, by far.”

The Impact

We have not only helped Tracky achieve an important strategic goal in providing a scalable global cloud platform but also increased its cost-effectiveness. With its perfect resource provisioning, open software layer and all-SSD storage, CloudSigma was the cloud platform the company was looking for to support its future growth – all at a price that wouldn’t break the bank.

“We compared the performance baseline tests we conducted with other providers. The results showed that CloudSigma’s platform would actually generate upward of 350 percent in cost savings for us. That, right there, just blew the competition out of the water.”David Longnecker, Senior Developer @ Tracky.

Tracky’s senior developer, David Longnecker also emphasizes that the cost effectiveness by CloudSigma doesn’t lead to sacrificing the quality. On the contrary – the price-quality ratio of CloudSigma is extremely high.

“CloudSigma was extremely cost effective. More than that, we knew we wouldn’t be sacrificing any quality when it came to the underlying hardware. This, combined with the massive performance increases we’ve seen since working with CloudSigma, has solidified our choice in public cloud providers, and we couldn’t be happier”

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