One Size Never Fits All

The overused cliché “one size fits all” hardly applies to anything these days, including cloud platforms. Some utilize the cloud to sustain the high storage requirements needed to process huge amounts of research data efficiently and accurately. Others need the flexibility and high-performance computing the cloud allows for work with some of the largest high-res, long-form content files in the media industry.

In today’s changing IT landscape, having the option to hop from one provider to another in order to fulfill a company’s varying IT needs, is essential. It seems odd, then, that some cloud providers still standby the mantra “one size fits all” and impose vendor lock-in constraints, making it challenging for companies to take advantage of the full breadth of innovation in the cloud space.

With this fundamental issue in mind, CloudSigma has joined Besol’s Tapp platform. With the Tapp platform, companies that need to change their computing requirements on a whim can migrate seamlessly between cloud IaaS providers. Now, it’s even easier for companies who may be dissatisfied with other providers’ storage, performance or resources to migrate onto our IaaS platform and avoid pesky vendor lock-in issues.

What’s more, with ongoing economic fluctuations, natural disasters and cyber attacks, having a backup plan is just as important to some businesses as the ability to switch between cloud providers. This is why Tapp’s ability to allow for automatic failover in the event of a cloud outage is indispensable. Imagine being one of the companies left without access to critical data and applications during the 2011 Amazon cloud outage – an absolute nightmare. But, had they been part of Tapp, they could have easily and automatically failed over to CloudSigma’s IaaS platform. And, with our 100 percent virtual server availability and network uptime guarantee, CloudSigma is an ideal partner for Tapp’s disaster recovery service.

With this relationship, we are working to help eliminate vendor lock-in and data loss from the cloud equation. No longer must companies be wary of cloud providers that insist they continue using their service even if it ceases to fit their needs down the line. By taking advantage of our partnership with Besol, one size never has to fit all again!

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About Viktor Petersson

Former VP of Business Development at CloudSigma. Currently CEO at WireLoad and busy making a dent in the Digital Signage industry with Screenly. Viktor is a proud geek and loves playing with the latest technologies.