The IaaS of Choice for Media Industry Professionals

A lot goes into making a Blockbuster hit that tops box office charts. Movies like Titanic, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings don’t just come together over night. Steep requirements are imposed on everything from production, staff and equipment, to location, music and editing; but, one of the most hefty requirements often goes overlooked – IT. Technology is fundamental to the media industry’s ability to successfully create that next Avatar or Toy Story film; especially as the IT requirements for such an endeavor are inordinately robust.

Media professionals regularly work with some of the largest high-res, long-form content files, which can reach hundreds of GBs if not TBs on a single project. As a result, the upload and download times and transcoding process can become very lengthy, delaying both productivity and production. Even the most successful media companies grapple with finding the ideal environment that’s capable of handling such high performance computing requirements.

That’s why Attend LLC, a provider of cloud services for media professionals has selected CloudSigma to support the performance needs of its MediaCloud online media storage and collaboration environment and Content Ingest Network accelerated media file upload. Attend selected CloudSigma because of our flexible and customizable approach to the cloud, as well as our ability to support the various high-performing applications required by media professionals during content creation. Attend CEO Chuck Stormon tells us that, without CloudSigma, he would have been faced with the very costly proposition of building his own supportive infrastructure internally, taking time, money and staff away from Attend’s core competencies.

By exposing such features as full-data portability and giving customers complete control over their networking capabilities, CloudSigma is the only IaaS provider to enable such powerful media services to be run in a public cloud. So, when the next potential Blockbuster hit begins production, media professionals can rest assured that there is a public cloud environment able to satisfy all their high-performance computing needs – one that is not only capable, but successful as well.


About Patrick Baillie

Patrick is co-founder of CloudSigma, and comes from a career working in Investment Banking Technology, as well as having previously ran his own business.