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Perth cloud low latency

Perth Web Hosting (PWH) is a company that provides local hosting services, cloud services, hosted exchange and domain registration as well as design and IT support in Perth, Australia. Protected by Australian privacy laws, users’ data stays safe within the secure data center of DC West in Western Australia. The company’s commitment to looking after business and personal hosting needs is reliant on a robust and adaptive network, complemented by 24x7x365 local support, low latency and comprehensive hosting management.

“We want to make our customers’ life easier by making available a solution for them, which is fast, robust, secure and is carefully made in order to care about their business and development. We found CloudSigma to be the best provider to compliment that approach.”Cameron Worts, Managing Director @ Perth Web Hosting

The Challenge

Being innovative whilst staying competitive is not an easy task in the technological field. Virtualization has come a long way since it first started disrupting the tech world and it was time for PWH to adapt to this technological revolution. To sustain the delivery of high-class web hosting, it was necessary to acknowledge the need for automation and virtualization within the company. It was important to have a clear competitive advantage to position PWH as a good choice ahead of the other local hosting providers.

“The world is moving fast, so we need to do so as well. Virtualization was a challenge for us and we answered it by moving to the cloud.”

PWH made the move to virtualization in 2012 and it allowed them to tick all the boxes when it came to satisfying the industry and customers requirements. At first, PWH started with a different cloud provider however, the provider offered no portal making it difficult to efficiently expand server resources when necessary.

That is when CloudSigma appeared on the radar. With its high level of adjustability, reasonable price and support for various business and security features, CloudSigma was the ultimate answer to all of PWH’s requirements. What made the decision even more straightforward was the presence of a local data center in Perth and the personal relationship with CloudSigma.

“It is so good to have someone close to you and taking care of the stuff. We are so glad CloudSigma’s solution is on such an international level. Connecting our infrastructure to the location in Perth adds such a value to our services – local support, low latency and noticeably better performance are just a few to name.”Cameron Worts, Managing Director @ Perth Web Hosting

The Solution

PWH tested CloudSigma’s platform for about three weeks before making the decision to move a light server to the platform. This was followed by transferring their entire infrastructure to the cloud one month afterwards. CloudSigma provided a proof-of-concept account with the necessary resources for a free evaluation. The adoption went effortlessly thanks to CloudSigma’s helpful technical support.

“CloudSigma’s team assisted us throughout the process and everything went quite smoothly. I was very pleased to see such personal attitude towards our business case.”

PWH deployed seven servers at the beginning, and are expecting some more to be added in the near future as a result of new projects being launched.

In addition, CloudSigma’s 24×7 support allowed PWH to action tasks by spinning up new servers, taking snapshots of the hard drives and restoring them. Now they are able to do this without relying on someone else, which no other provider in Perth could offer.

The Impact

Since their move to CloudSigma, PWH noticed a profound improvement in its services.

“We don’t have to wait days to spin up new servers. Everyone here can easily log in and make the required modifications just in a few minutes. It is that easy!”

PWH has been using CloudSigma since 2016 and so far it has not experienced major problems with the platform. However, the few times PWH needed to resolve minor issues, CloudSigma’s team was able to provide fast and convenient solutions. This strengthened the high degree of trust in the company’s services and support.

“CloudSigma is not simply a service provider for us. It is a partner we can trust and rely on. We can easily get in touch with someone from the team and find a solution for everything.”Cameron Worts, Managing Director @ Perth Web Hosting

High performance, speed, local support and low latency are what everyone wants, and what PWH can now proudly offer customers. CloudSigma’s solution is designed to provide an always-on environment that can continue service uninterrupted through software and hardware upgrades.

An additional feature of great benefit to PWH that CloudSigma offers is the intuitive and user-friendly WebApp. It allows customers to tailor their virtual machines and take advantage of the auto-billing and subscription auto-renew features.

“We are very happy with CloudSigma’s services. Everything is self-explanatory and easy to fulfil.”

The Future

CloudSigma’s unrivalled support, performance and flexibility have helped PWH provide its users with a modern and highly capable solution. Both companies are very positive about how their partnership will develop in the future. Taking care of their customers and business requirements will continue to be a priority while developing and launching new services.

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