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CloudSigma expands the service portfolio for its global cloud federation with blockchain-as-a-service powered by Red Date Technology

CloudSigma, a leading provider of cloud computing solutions, has signed a collaboration agreement with Red Date Technology, a leading provider of blockchain technology infrastructure. The partnership will bring managed blockchain-as-a-service to the full network of CloudSigma cloud locations, which include the USA, Mexico, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, the Philippines, Japan, and Australia.

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Robert Jenkin, CloudSigma and Tim Bailey, Red Date Technology

Blockchain-powered technologies continue to grow in importance, especially within the enterprise segment. By adding blockchain-as-a-service solutions, end users of CloudSigma-powered locations worldwide will now be able to benefit from new innovations in this space without the same knowledge and talent constraints that hamper many organisations wishing to embrace blockchain technologies.

Robert Jenkin, CEO of CloudSigma, commented, “We are continuing to see a growing demand and adoption of blockchain solutions, and at the same time, we see organisations struggle with skill shortages to implement and manage these solutions. With our new blockchain-as-a-service features, our end users can focus on the application layer knowing that the infrastructure layer is professionally managed with a fixed delivery cost and excellent performance. Further, because the blockchain is 100% hosted within our cloud, they can know their computing and data remains under local sovereignty”.

Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology, said: “We are thrilled to partner with CloudSigma to deliver innovative solutions to customers in the cloud and blockchain spaces. CloudSigma’s cloud computing platform provides customers with the flexibility and scalability they need to support their business needs, while our blockchain solutions enable customers to build robust and scalable blockchain applications. We believe that our partnership with CloudSigma will enable us to expand our global footprint, deliver even greater value to our customers, and help drive innovation in the blockchain industry.”

Initially, Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum blockchain protocols will be offered as-a-service at expected pricing that will be very attractive compared to some of the large multi-national cloud providers. CloudSigma and Red Date Technology are already working with a number of independent solution providers that will bring ready blockchain-powered applications and solutions to customers globally. 

The partnership between CloudSigma and Red Date Technology will also enable both companies to explore new areas of innovation. CloudSigma will be able to leverage Red Date’s expertise in blockchain technology to develop new solutions for customers, while Red Date will be able to leverage CloudSigma’s global cloud computing platform presence to reach an expanded global audience of enterprise blockchain application developers.


About CloudSigma

CloudSigma is a leading cloud-as-a-service provider with more than twenty locations worldwide. CloudSigma provides a fully managed, white-labelled, out-of-the-box cloud solution validated for deployment with HPE GreenLake and HPE hardware. By joining us, discover how to turn the cloud from a threat to an opportunity.


About Red Date Technology

Red Date Technology is a technology company headquartered in Hong Kong that is dedicated to building next-generation Public IT System infrastructures for internet communications, digital economies, and digital payments.


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Alexa Alexandrov is a Marketing Manager at CloudSigma, focusing on consistent business identity using traditional and innovative marketing channels. She is passionate about the continuous innovation within the digital environment and the endless growth opportunities that marketing brings.