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How CloudSigma is Preparing for NIS 2 Directive to Strengthen Europe’s Cybersecurity

In today’s increasingly digital world, protecting critical infrastructure and data from cyber threats is paramount. To bolster Europe’s cybersecurity landscape, the European Commission has introduced the NIS (Network and Information Systems) 2 Directive aimed at enhancing the resilience and security of network and information systems. CloudSigma recognises the significance of this directive and is committed to upholding the highest security standards for the customers and the digital ecosystem. This blog post will explore how CloudSigma prepares for the NIS 2 Directive to protect Europe from cyber threats and ensure a safer digital future.

Understanding the NIS 2 Directive:

The NIS 2 Directive builds upon the initial NIS Directive, introduced in 2016. Its primary objective is establishing a harmonised framework across the European Union to safeguard essential services and critical infrastructure against cybersecurity risks. The NIS 2 Directive expands the scope of sectors covered and introduces more stringent security requirements to tackle the evolving cyber threat landscape effectively.

CloudSigma’s Commitment to NIS 2 Compliance:

Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures

CloudSigma is actively reviewing and enhancing its cybersecurity measures to meet the requirements outlined in the NIS 2 Directive. By aligning the security practices with these new regulations, the company will ensure that the cloud infrastructure and services are robustly protected against cyber threats.

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The company is conducting comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats. By proactively addressing security gaps, CloudSigma can provide customers with a more resilient cloud environment and maintain their data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Incident Reporting and Response

CloudSigma has established a well-defined incident reporting and response procedure. This allows us to promptly detect, respond to, and mitigate security incidents in adherence to the NIS 2 Directive’s incident notification requirements.

Collaboration and Information Sharing

The NIS 2 Directive emphasises the importance of collaboration and information sharing among digital service providers and competent authorities. CloudSigma actively engages with relevant stakeholders to foster a collective approach to cybersecurity and combat cyber threats more effectively.

Transparency and Accountability

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The company believes in transparent business practices, and CloudSigma is committed to informing custom

ers about our security initiatives. The efforts to comply with the NIS 2 Directive underscore the commitme

nt to accountability and earning the trust of our customers.

As Europe’s cybersecurity landscape evolves, CloudSigma is steadfast in its dedication to fortifying the cloud infrastructure

 and services to safeguard against cyber threats. The NIS 2 Directive provides a crucial framework for improving Europe’s overall resilience, and the company is proud to play an active role in enhancing the continent’s cybersecurity.

With a commitment to compliance and continuous improvement, CloudSigma aims to deliver secure, reliable, and innovative cloud solutions for businesses across Europe. By adhering to the NIS 2 Directive, the company is better positioned to face tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges and pave the way for a safer, more connected digital future.

CloudSigma believes working with customers, partners and industry peers can create a cyber-resilient Europe and protect the digital economy for generations.


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