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At CloudSigma, we take security very serious. Since the very beginning, all our web app (the cloud control panel) and our API has been configured to accept SSL connections only. We’re now happy to announce that we’ve also moved our regular marketing site (i.e. this) to only run SSL as well.

For those not familiar SSL, it’s a way to ensure that the communication between you and our servers are safe from prying eyes (using encryption). In most browsers, you will get a green address bar or closed padlock icon when visiting an SSL protected website to give you a visual indicator.


Using SSL for all sensitive information, such as sending passwords, has long been consider best-practice in the tech industry. While thankfully on the decline, there are still companies that fail to do this. More common is that websites do offer an SSL version but they fail to advertise or make this the default. For instance, it wasn’t until this year that Yahoo changed the standard for Yahoo Mail to use SSL.

With the NSA snooping stories revealed by Edward Snowden, companies that truly care about their customers’ privacy and security have started to use SSL by default for everything. We are happy to be on the forefront of this security best practice.

There are many advantages to using HTTPS even for non-sensitive data as Wired outlined recently. By using HTTPS instead of HTTP, it makes the content unreadable to parties between the content server and your browser. Not only this but HTTPS ensures the content is really coming from the party you expect it to so no party can modify the contents from the original source. That’s something HTTP connections just can’t do.

We encourage you also install Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s HTTPS Everywhere browser plugin; it means you will automatically use the SSL version of a website whenever one is available.

You may also be interested in may also find our recent blog-post about the heartbleed bug interesting. It includes tips on how to make your browser settings safer.

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