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CloudSigma Champions Data Sovereignty at CTO Event in the Philippines

CloudSigma, a leading global public cloud provider, participated in the 1st Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Summit: Cloud 4.0 in the Philippines. This prestigious event aimed to gather top technology executives and leaders from various regional industries for a day of insightful networking and knowledge-sharing. With CloudSigma’s growing presence in the Asia-Pacific market, the CTO event presents a strategic opportunity for the company to connect with local industry players and discuss the latest trends and innovations in cloud computing and technology, with a strong emphasis on data sovereignty and the importance of hosting data within the Philippines.

The CTO event was held on the 27th of April in Makati City, Philippines, and featured a series of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops, all focused on the theme of “Moving the Public Clouds to In-country Clouds” Speakers and panellists discussed topics ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to cybersecurPic 2 300x200ity and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Robert Jenkins shared the company’s experience on “How CloudSigma leads the in-country cloud movement”. “We are happy to present how our flexible and scalable cloud solutions can help businesses thrive in the digital age while ensuring data sovereignty and the security of valuable information. Embracing digital transformation and upholding data sovereignty is crucial to growing the business”, added the CEO of CloudSigma.

Recognising the significance of data sovereignty and the growing demand for hosting data within the Philippines, CloudSigma showcased the company’s innovative and flexible cloud solutions designed to help businesses in the region embrace digital transformation while ensuring data security and privacy. CloudSigma’s public cloud platform offers a variety of benefits to clients with respect to data sovereignty, including:

  1. Data security and privacy – CloudSigma’s cloud infrastructure complies with major international security standards, and users can choose where their data is stored, ensuring data sovereignty and regulatory compliance.
  2. Local hosting – Encouraging public sector participants currently hosting outside of the Philippines to move back, thereby strengthening the country’s data sovereignty and boosting the local technology ecosystem.
  3. High performance and reliability – With its SSD storage and 40GigE networking, CloudSigma provides clients with high-performance computing capabilities and uptime while ensuring data remains hosted within the Philippines.
  4. Scalability and flexibility – The platform allows users to add or remove resources as needed, ensuring that they only pay for what they use and efficiently manage their IT budgets without compromising data sovereignty.
  5. Seamless integration – The platform easily integrates with existing systems and supports a wide range of software and operating systems, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud while adhering to data sovereignty requirements.
  6. Customer support – CloudSigma’s 24/7 customer support and dedicated account management ensure that clients receive the assistance they need throughout their cloud journey while maintaining data sovereignty.

CloudSigma also participated in panel discussions and workshops, sharing best practices and strategies for leveraging cloud technology to drive innovation and digital transformation in businesses, focusing on the importance of data sovereignty and hosting data within the Philippines.



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