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Six tools that enhance online gaming experiences

Multiplayer online gaming is fun but can be better if everything ran smoothly, you had a way to share experiences, make some money while doing it, and be safe from hacked servers and thieves. Here are some extra tools that can significantly enhance your online gaming experience:

1. Discord desktop client

Online multiplayer gaming isn’t much fun if you can’t share the experience with your friends, shout at your opponents, and join a secret server with like-minded gamers. This is precisely what Discord was created for. Discord is, by far, one of the best game chat clients out there. It should be the first tool you download once you start playing online.

You can join chat servers dedicated to your favorite games, create your servers, enjoy crystal-clear voice chat, and even sell some merch on the platform. Did we also mention that it’s all free for life? Check it out today. Below is a screenshot of the chat client to whet your appetite:


2. A VPN client

There are many reasons why you should be gaming with a VPN if you play online games, but the top reason is, of course, your security. A VPN sends all your data through an encrypted tunnel securing it from hackers and thieves that may target your financial details, personal data, and valuable gaming assets such as virtual coins, acquired weapons, and special characters.

Secondly, VPNs have been proven to help reduce ping, thus ensuring you have smoother gameplay. This is because your traffic is normally passed through better managed and distributed servers as compared to what you might be using on the open internet. Additionally, gaming with a VPN blocks data hogging extensions that eat your internet bandwidth and affect your ping rates.

3. Online gaming accessories

You will never enjoy online gaming without getting the essential gaming accessories for each gaming platform. For multiplayer games with online chat and fast action, a simple keyboard and mouse setup won’t cut it. As a bare minimum, you should invest in a pair of gaming headphones, a mechanical keyboard with individual keys or a gaming pad, and a webcam.

Some games may also call for more investment in accessorizing. For instance, getting a good sim wheel and chair will significantly enhance your racing or trucking game experience if that’s your thing. Sports sims may require a joystick or gamepad as opposed to a keyboard and mouse input.

4. Mod tools

There are numerous mod tools and sites you can use to download and install mods into existing games. Mods add additional features, gaming assets, scenery, and other things that aren’t part of the original game. Examples of popular online mod sites and tools include Modo Db, curse mods, Nexus mod manager, among others. You can even get your hands dirty and create your mods using a tool like Wemod.

5. Online gaming recording tools

If you are a PC gamer, then you may find it useful to capture your gameplay and use it later. There is a market for epic online gaming footage out there, meaning you could make some money while enjoying your game. If Windows 10’s native XBOX Game bar doesn’t cut it for you, then you can go for MSI afterburner, NVIDIA Shadow play, Movavi screen recorder, and the like.
Recording or streaming gameplay is one of the hottest trends in gaming right now. If you trust your skills, then you might make a name for yourself as a celebrity streamer and get rich while doing it.

6. Using a cloud service

Cloud services have taken over the gaming industry and transformed online gaming for good. If we were to go by current trends (think GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Microsoft XCloud), the future of gaming is in the cloud. Game developers and gamers have a lot to gain from cloud solutions made for gaming such as CloudSigma.

The CloudSigma platform allows gamers to enjoy smooth gameplay on low-level hardware with security and reliability baked in. Game developers can take advantage of the immense capabilities available on the platform to deploy MMO games with great convenience. Gamers, on the other hand, will have access to their favorite games whenever and wherever they are.

Other benefits of using CloudSigma

There are many benefits to deploying your cloud solutions to a localized cloud provider like CloudSigma. You get high availability, greater performance, always-available support, local solutions, and much more. CloudSigma gives businesses, SaaS vendors, and individual developers a robust cloud platform at a fraction of the cost of offshore cloud providers.

In addition, CloudSigma has extensive experience in supporting companies developing video games in the cloud. Further, take a look at the customer success stories with a US-based mobile media company and an online casino company to learn more about how CloudSigma’s clients stay ahead of the competition with the help of a flexible cloud environment and incredible performance.

CloudSigma is the right cloud for you if you:

    • Need a reliable and affordable IaaS platform
    • Want to deploy PaaS solutions without the hassle
    • Require always-on tech support for peace of mind
    • Want great performance and speeds to deploy fast game servers and business applications easily

Happy gaming!


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