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High Performance & Low Latency is What an Online Casino Requires from the Cloud

Customer Profile

Our long-standing client is a software development company providing mostly online and offline gaming solutions to multiple customers around the world. They develop their products in an innovative, dynamic and collaborative environment. The continued satisfaction of their vertically market focused customer base results from the constant improvement of services through rapid analyzing, testing and development keeping their offerings relevant to specific industry needs.

The company is partnering with CloudSigma to enable the delivery of an online casino cloud solution. Customers can choose between using a server-as-a-service and hardware-as-a-service solution plus end-user clients designed for mobile phones, browser-based portals or downloadable clients for the desktop. The online casino cloud solution allows end-users to easily engage in gaming activities in the comfort of one’s own home or remotely on the go. Another way to take part in the experience is to play in a café or a kiosk and this is how the company started attracting customers particularly in Asia.

“More and more we’re moving to virtualization, because of the convenience to create the games a lot faster. So we ventured onto the cloud solution of CloudSigma as our first attempt to use this type of infrastructure.”Director of Engineering & DevOps @ Client Company

The Challenge

CloudSigma came onto the radar of our client when they no longer wanted to invest in dedicated servers for their data centers. In the past, the gaming company used to have their own dedicated rack space and servers in Canada but they required a new solution to incorporate the latest developments and trends.

“It had to be a localized server that runs our system remotely, because of the proximity with the target customer.”

CloudSigma appeared as the perfect potential option because it embodies all the features our client required for potential growth and at the same time there were no issues from a legal perspective. This legal concern represented the biggest hurdle for the server developer as many other cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, have strict policies against running servers for gaming companies. With CloudSigma the authorization of the gaming solution hosting went effortlessly because CloudSigma already had experience in hosting companies from the gaming industry and each CloudSigma location operates in line with the local laws of the local jurisdiction. As such, in locations where online gaming is allowed such hosting is permitted within that cloud location.

“We’d say that the best thing about your cloud is performance. The servers seem to be very powerful and the solution has low latency, so the players do not experience any sluggishness.”Director of Engineering & DevOps @ Client Company

The Solution

Our customer did not migrate any existing operations, they developed a new platform for a fresh European customer base. After conducting a pilot to test the latency from different locations in Europe, our client was pretty satisfied with the outcome, especially with the impressive speed of the storage solution.

“We first tested the latency from Switzerland to Italy, which was the first installation we needed to make and it was very, very good, so we ended up choosing CloudSigma.”

The Impact

Since the collaboration started, our client has seen a clear difference in the time it takes them to get a new server up and running.

“In the past, when we had to deploy a new installation, we had to wait for weeks for the hardware to get to the data center and then someone to install the operating system. Now we can have both the same day.”

As opposed to their previous on-premise solution, with CloudSigma the resources can be controlled very easily, depending on the demand. That is extremely important for the gaming industry since the demand for this kind of services is very dynamic and can easily change within minutes or hours. That is one great benefit of CloudSigma.

“We are very happy with your services and we would recommend them to any other customer.”Director of Engineering & DevOps @ Client Company

The Future

Because of the great performance, flexibility and scalability CloudSigma provides, our client is naturally positive about deploying more resources in the future with us as they encounter more demand.

“It is harder when you have to take care of your own hardware. You have to place orders, wait longer and then if for whatever reason demand goes down, that leaves you with inventory of hardware that you don’t need. That’s so much easier and faster with the cloud.”

Our software development client is currently evaluating and testing the market environment in Asia. In cooperation with CloudSigma, they are promoting the online casino cloud solution in the APAC region and there are good prospects for gaining a new customer base in an Asian country with big potential like Malaysia or the Philippines.

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