Viktor Petersson for CloudSigma in his talk with Syncsort

Last week Syncsort shared in their blog an interview with our Head of Business Development Viktor Petersson, taken from Mark Underwood who covers big data and cybersecurity.

One of the topics that popped up was about the partnership of CloudSigma with BlackLotus, which allows us to offer more tailored DDoS protection service to customers.

The conversation led them as well to other interesting discussions connected with CloudSigma productivity, capabilities, features, new directions and important decisions taken to improve the service provided.

A curious aspect to the story behind the name of CloudSigma, which Viktor shared during the interview. He revealed, that it actually has multiple meanings including a suggestion at six sigma, but the main reason behind using greek letter is to transcends languages, which has particular importance given that the company launched in Europe where there’s a huge diversity of languages and later on shifted to various other destinations around the world.

Another set of updates mentioned by Viktor was about our strategy and growth plan on a global scale, why CloudSigma decided to launch a native Oracle Solaris IaaS offering and how does it feel to be chosen from Gartner for Cool Vendor. You can find the answers to all of these questions along with the rest from the interview here.

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About Viktor Petersson

Former VP of Business Development at CloudSigma. Currently CEO at WireLoad and busy making a dent in the Digital Signage industry with Screenly. Viktor is a proud geek and loves playing with the latest technologies.