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CartNinja helps its customers quickly create checkout pages to start selling online without the hassles of developing full-blown eCommerce sites. It is a product that provides users with a fast alternative solution to list and sell products online with ease.

We believe that eCommerce tools should be completely accessible to any aspiring online shopping business. CartNinja allows its users to build intuitive checkout pages without the need to create an entire website.

The Challenge

CartNinja has been very specific in defining its set of requirements. This includes availability, responsiveness, quick loading speeds, and reliability. Taking into consideration the fact that customers have an average attention span of roughly eight seconds, it is critical to delivering services as fast and smoothly as possible to remain a competitive force in the industry. In addition to saving time, customers also want strong data security when they provide identifiable information. Thus, CartNinja was looking for a cloud provider that supports that consistency of performance and is a reliable local solution that they could depend upon.

The eCommerce industry is not only one of the fastest-growing ones, but also one of the most competitive. That is why uptime is so critical to maintain for online vendors and their products. so as not to suffer disastrous financial consequences.

“For us, finding a cloud provider that was up to date with the local data privacy policies was a priority since we did not want to mess around with compliance issues. Comfac powered by Cloudsigma was our first choice since they have both local and international certificates for data privacy and security.”Wilbert Pineda, Product Head @ CartNinja
Prior to partnering with Comfac and CloudSigma, CartNinja was leveraging the services of DigitalOcean which is based in Singapore. However, multiple months of persistent downtime and unpredictability in performance lead to CartNinja looking for a better solution.

The Solution

Comfac Technology Options and CloudSigma pride themselves on their ability to provide 100% network uptime while sustaining complete transparency within their operations. This means that the customer can visualize their uptime live as well as take a peek into their performance history overtime for up to 90 days back. Comfac and CloudSigma further secure their guarantee with a 50-time credit assurance. These features set Comfac cloud powered by CloudSigma apart from the rest.

One of our first points of reference for Comfac cloud powered by CloudSigma was what was provided on the status page at Immediately, the sheer transparency of the service providers caught our eye. The 50x rebate deal definitely helped solidify our decision as well. Regardless, we were assured by their past performance and have so far encountered no issues or complaints during our experience.Wilbert Pineda, Product Head @ CartNinja

The Implementation

Comfac powered by CloudSigma is designed to make deployment super simple and to the point. The workload was very easily implemented by CartNinja’s tech team into their environment. In fact, Comfac’s cloud platform powered by CloudSigma has the capacity to host any kind of x86 x64 workload without requiring any changes.

Comfac and CloudSigma provided all of the tools we needed to deploy the solution. Not to mention, we had absolutely no trouble setting up the cloud in our native production environment.

The Change

As is important with any real-time eCommerce platform, CartNinja needed its provider to maintain consistent uptime and high transaction speeds. Considering that Comfac powered by CloudSigma is a locally implemented solution, it facilitated the operations of the platform and made data privacy compliance much easier as well.

“We had specific criteria that we expected our ideal cloud provider to fulfill. Once we found Comfac Technology Options powered by CloudSigma, we realized that it went above and beyond to cover all of our requirements.”Wilbert Pineda, Product Head @ CartNinja

The Future

CartNinja operates on a framework that connects online sellers and local delivery services. With their combined services offering full support, CartNinja is able to work towards achieving its present and future goals.

At CartNinja, our primary business goal is to become the go-to solution for local online vendors. By joining forces with Comfac cloud powered by CloudSigma, we are able to offer our customers a seamless experience as they build their online payment and checkout setup. Our platform enables them to connect with payment providers and delivery services, all within their locality.

Currently, CloudSigma and Comfac are partnering to offer cloud services to customers in the Philippines looking to build their very own eCommerce platform.


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