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The scene here at the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas is stirring up a lot of excitement. All around the exhibition hall, one can catch glimpses of how rapidly new technologies are reshaping the media and entertainment industries. Hundreds of innovative vendors are showcasing and unveiling innovative new and disruptive offerings that are helping to usher in the next generation of media production and distribution. This looks to be a great view on the intersections between media and cutting edge tech.

Here at booth N3222H, we are making our own major announcement: the official launch of the CloudSigma Media Services Ecosystem. That may sound like a mouthful, but the idea is actually quite simple and elegant. Our Media Services Ecosystem is a public cloud environment in which service providers and production companies working in the film, music and other media industries can easily collaborate and share data, with access to CloudSigma’s powerful compute and storage capabilities. We’re basically giving media companies one roof under which to work together more efficiently, regardless of their geographic location, eliminating the long waits and high costs that plague most productions.

Our Media Services Ecosystem speeds up, streamlines and simplifies media production. Take, for example, a major Hollywood film. Once shooting and editing are complete, the post-production process begins, which already involves countless incredibly large, high-resolution files being passed around on a daily basis. On top of this, you have many post production requirements including quality control, encoding, transcoding and finally distribution… All of the companies involved in these processes, both large and small, have to exchange data as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing the integrity of the project. Unfortunately, all this back and forth often leads to production delays, long work hours and needless expenditures; we call this ‘data churn’.

Cloud computing is a highly effective remedy for these media industry woes. Like the protagonist of any good action film, the cloud has the right tools to handle any obstacle and every challenge. Within our Media Services Ecosystem, we provide all the resources companies working on a film production need to share and store the most technically advanced media files at lightning speeds. And, unlike any other public cloud, our Media Services Ecosystem has a highly disruptive pricing model, with free incoming data transfers, free data movement within the cloud and a flat fee of 5 cents per gigabyte for outgoing data all delivered over redundant 10GigE connectivity. What’s more, our SSD storage and TierIV data center location make the Ecosystem the most powerful, performance-driven media hub around. This is an environment where the hassles of long uploads and downloads, and the nightmare of physically shipping storage drives, no longer exist. In our public cloud, post-production of the next Hollywood blockbuster takes half as long, distribution is a cinch and time to market is so much faster that all parties start reaping returns immediately.

Media industry professionals thrive on creativity. The technology they work with on a daily basis is simply as a means to practice their craft. The less technical hassle they have to deal with, the more they have to concentrate on refining the key components of a production. When companies look to cloud providers like Amazon and Rackspace, they end up with cumbersome restrictions on their deployments, which just adds to the workload. CloudSigma has no such restrictions: it is the most flexible cloud around, with an open software platform, pay-as-you-go pricing with unbundled resources and no risk of vendor lock-in. That’s why our Media Services Ecosystem will be such a hit for the media industry. With spare time and resources diverted to content optimization rather than logistics, imagine the high-quality productions we’ll see! The next blockbuster hits are taking shape in the cloud, and our Media Services Ecosystem is here now to guide them through it.

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