October brings lower prices and more

As we’re moving towards winter (in the Northern hemisphere at least), we want to give you three early Christmas presents.

Major price drop on CPU and RAM

Just a few months ago, we announced a major price drop. Now it’s time again. This time we’re dropping the prices by 15% on CPU and 20% on RAM (on both our cloud locations).

This means that our already super-competitive prices are now even lower.

Simplified management of SSH keys

SSH Key in WebApp

A popular feature request has been being able to manage SSH keys within the web console. With the recent introduction of server contextualization, this is now possible. All you need to do is to paste your public SSH key into the field, and it will be accessible within the server.

The easiest way to install the deploy the SSH key on your server is to install pycloudsigma, and then run this script.

Improved drive management

At CloudSigma, we hate vendor lock-ins. We don’t want to contribute to that ourselves.

In the early days, we offered drive uploads/downloads via an FTP interface. When we released our new and updated system (CloudSigma 2.0), we rewrote this system, and used the API as the back-end and the web-app as the front-end. In the last few weeks, we’ve worked on improving this system further to make it easier and faster to both upload and download disk images within the web interface (and using the API).

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