Live from Cloud Expo West, Announcing Innovation

This week, we’re at the 2011 Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara, California, experiencing a touch of nostalgia mixed with anticipation. For it seems like only yesterday that the idea of cloud computing was just becoming a reality, yet, here we stand, already experiencing the benefits of much more tangible cloud platforms and on the brink of some substantial advancements.

Once such advancement, we’re pleased to announce today from the show floor, is the incorporation of a new solid-state drive (SSD) storage solution into our public cloud infrastructure that helps eliminate one of the largest challenges and deterrents companies still face with the cloud – storage bottlenecks.

Storage bottlenecks are not new, they’ve been around for quite some time, but the recent growth in large-scale virtual deployments has further exacerbated the issue with a surge in the amount of random input/output (I/O) operations between VMs and traditional, magnetic-based storage systems. Not only are such systems unable to handle the randomized, multi-tenant access of public clouds, but they’re also unable to process sufficient numbers of I/O operations per second. This causes massive performance bottlenecks as magnetic-based storage systems force today’s powerful CPUs to wait until all of the I/O transactions have completed, thereby holding up data access, resources and performance.

That’s why we have launched the industry’s first solid-state drive (SSD) storage solution for a public cloud IaaS environment. Our new solution helps eliminate the growing storage bottlenecks in the cloud brought on by magnetic storage solutions’ inability to keep pace with the requirements of a multi-tenant environment. This allows companies to achieve higher performance in such instances while handling the explosion of I/O operations caused by the increasing adoption of server virtualization. And, with server virtualization sales for public clouds predicted to grow to $718 million by 2014, according to research from IDC, it’s clear that the storage I/O bottleneck will increasingly challenge companies investing in the cloud – that is, for those investing in clouds without SSD storage capabilities.

As of today, all customers will have the option when creating a drive to deploy on SSD or our regular magnetic storage options. Both are priced transparently with a per GB per month system. The directly attached SSD offers ultra-low latency and, through increasing CPU and RAM throughput, can actually reduce overall computing costs. If you want to hear more about this new product, we’re at booth #915 at Cloud Expo – come stop by!

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