iStreamPlanet Selects CloudSigma for Video Streaming and Transcoding Services


According to comScore, from February 2011 to February 2012 U.S. online video consumption from grew at an astonishing rate of 660 percent. With video emerging as one of the most impactful sectors of the media industry, vendors are scrambling to get a piece of the market. Therefore, video providers must offer the fastest, most cost effective solution in the market in order to stay competitive. Because of this, many providers are moving their workload to the cloud in order to leverage the scalability, flexibility and cost-savings it provides.

That’s why iStreamPlanet, the leading provider of live and on-demand streaming-video solutions, is moving its portfolio of media workload products and services to the cloud, using our innovative and customizable IaaS platform. Other proprietary technologies are not only too expensive, cumbersome and complex for the quality video experience that customers expect, but they simply cannot scale to meet the growing demand for more content and longer viewing hours that accompany the booming video industry.

Specifically, iStreamPlanet has selected CloudSigma to support one of the most prominent products in its portfolio, Director 5. Director 5, offered within U.S.-based Switch SuperNAP and European-based Interxion data centers, is a VOD (video on demand) media-processing workflow that can scale to support up to 1,000 concurrent encode and transcode jobs. With CloudSigma, Director 5 offers customers customized, cost-effective options that are provisioned and performance-optimized as needed, and then automatically removed when no longer needed, so that users pay only for what they use.

The flexibility, scalability and security content providers get via cloud-based technologies is the best way to meet the growing demand they face in today’s increasingly connected world, and we are excited about the solutions that iStreamPlanet is bringing to market based on our media ecosystem in the cloud.

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