Software Defined Networking

Introducing Next Generation Software Defined Networking

Imagine a fully integrated tool enabling software defined multi-tiered networking with integrating firewalling, quality of service, NAT, VPN and more. Combine this with an ability to switch packets at multi-gigabit speeds and an affordable price and you have CloudSigma’s new software defined network platform. Previously only achievable by integrating a combination of expensive proprietary hardware and software tools, CloudSigma’s new network management capability brings to market leading functionality and performance at a fraction of the cost.

The new functionality is ideal for enterprises wishing to integrate their cloud usage into a secure networking topology as well as customers wanting to create sophisticated multi-tiered networking in the cloud that’s actually manageable for changing production workload requirements.

“Our aim was to democratize software defined networking. All our customers deserve to have the most sophisticated and performant networking setup possible. Our new functionality achieves just this bringing some of the best networking management functionality to all customers without the need to license expensive software or purchase hardware.”Robert Jenkin, CEO, CloudSigma

The new networking functionality allows customers to fully define and control traffic flowing between the internet, WANs and dedicated lines into our cloud and their internal private networks within the cloud deployment. Further, traffic between private networks within the cloud can also be tightly controlled using the same tool. In this way customers can stack networks in the cloud, defining precisely the behavior of traffic between any two networks. Each customer’s networking becomes a snowflake deployment, perfectly configured to meet their requirements and manageable over the API or via webapp.

MultiGigabit Packet Switching made Affordable

In order to achieve a fully integrated solution that was affordable, CloudSigma’s networking engineers had to work from the ground up to build its own networking platform with the performance customers have come to expect from the company. This meant a solution that was able to switch multiple gigabits of traffic between any two networks within the cloud without introducing significant latency all whilst processing complex networking traffic rules.

CloudSigma created a dedicated hardware layer within its cloud using the latest generation 10 hardware from HPE optimized for the task combined with a proprietary streamlined networking software stack. As a result, customers get a full network management solution at less than 10% of other commercially available solutions and with market leading throughput performance.

A Multi-Faceted Network Management Platform

Customers can now manage all aspects of their networking requirements over the API or via the click of a mouse using the webapp provisioning tool. Each virtual router defines and controls traffic flows between any two networks that the customers chooses. By defining multiple virtual routers a highly secure multi-tiered networking topology can be defined within the cloud. In the example below the first virtual router controls traffic passing between the internet and private network A whilst the second router controls traffic between private network A and B. Each virtual router can be deployed in a redundant fashion to ensure resiliency and utilizes dedicated, reserved underlying hardware capacity. This ensures stable and reliable performance as well as independence between any two network pairings.

RDS licenses

Such a multi-tiered topology of:

  • Internet
  • Web servers
  • Application servers
  • Database servers

Each layer with its own specific traffic rules and quality of service.

RDS licenses

Each router in turn is made up of multiple functionalities that together provide a complete network management solution.

Secure VPN
Supporting PPTP and the highly secure IPSEC protocols, customers can connect over VPN to any of their networks within the cloud securely without the need to expose public IP connectivity.
DHCP & IP Management
Define & assign public and private IP ranges to networks allowing automatic IP assignment.
Quality of Service
Prioritise and shape traffic for any kind of networking traffic as defined within your policy.
Redundancy & Network Load Balancing
Choose to deploy your virtual router in a redundant fashion in order to ensure the resiliency of your network. Additionally, choose from network load balancing options between your virtual routers.
NAT & Port Forwarding
Easily translate IPs and ports with full featured NAT functionality.
A complete framework of firewalling rules allows customers to secure their network to their specific requirements as well as defining networking traffic types for quality of service and traffic shaping requirements.

Unbelievable Value

CloudSigma has brought together a number of full featured products into a single unified tool. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on expensive and cumbersome proprietary products, the CloudSigma software defined networking tool starts at as little as $75 per month using a simple monthly subscription model. Robert Jenkin CEO of CloudSigma concluded:

“We think customers will be amazed by the incredible performance and functionality of our platform at a price that’s less than even the most basic network management tools.”


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