Flexible Secure IaaS Service: Public Beta Launched

14-day Free Evaluations available.

Zürich, Friday 4 June 2010 – CloudSigma AG launches the CloudSigma IaaS platform for public beta this week. The CloudSigma platform allows instant access to highly flexible on-demand computing resources without the restrictions that many IaaS products currently impose. Create, resize and start virtual servers instantly from an innovative and intuitive web console or via a full-featured API.

True Utility Computing means Flexibility

Users benefit from fully flexible resource allocation that allows creation of servers with any combination of CPU, RAM and storage that they desire. Virtual servers run any x86 or x64 compatible operating system which is chosen by the user. A public drive image library offers a convenient choice of over 150 different drive images. In addition users have the option to simply upload their own drive images directly into their account.

Innovative Pricing Models

The CloudSigma platform uniquely benefits from both subscription based pricing and utilisation based burst pricing. All resouces are charged in transparent easy to understand units, for example CPU is charged in core-GHz per hour. Customers can choose any combination of both pricing models when purchasing resources. The dynamic burst pricing model measures cloud utilisation every 5-minutes and adjusts prices accordingly in relation to a published pricing matrix.

Users can make dramatic savings by using the system to time-shift discretionary computing to quieter times of the day or week when prices are substantially lower. All price information is available via RSS updated every 5 minutes. The system charges in short 5-minute segments rather than the more typical hour billing segments. Finally, users can choose to be billed in Swiss Francs, Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds.

CEO Patrick Baillie stated “We tried to make a billing system that was as transparent and easy to understand as possible. Users can clearly see what each resource costs and choose how and when they use them. Our web console shows current resource usage at a glance with graphing and full data logs available via the interface also.”

No Data Lock-in

Users can transfer out all drive data directly via secure FTPS (FTP over SSL) at any time. This unique feature is ideal for backing up data or migrating systems in and out of the CloudSigma cloud.

A Public Cloud that takes Security Seriously

CloudSigma has implemented a number of security features that offer significantly higher protection for users. All user drives are encrypted using an ultra-secure 256bit AES encryption cascade that keeps drive data private. Each client account runs on an isolated network so network traffic of one user is inaccessible to other users in the cloud. All data is stored within our data center in Glattbrugg near Zürich. No data is transferred outside of Switzerland which benefits from some of the strictest confidentiality and privacy laws (in relation to both individuals and companies) in the world.


CloudSigma was created by the founders because they felt that current IaaS offerings weren’t delivering on the promises of cloud computing or leveraging what they knew was possible with current technology.

CEO Patrick Baillie continues, “We’ve created a platform that addresses the many ‘pain points’ that current users of IaaS will be familiar with as well as the concerns that many still have with cloud computing. We’ve fashioned an offering that is more flexible, more secure and easier to use than anything else out there. We believe our platform will be attractive to a very wide range of users many of whom have yet to transition to a cloud solution.”

Free Evaluation Period

CloudSigma is offering a free 14-day evaluation period with substantial computing and networking resources included. There is no obligation or credit card required. Patrick Baillie stated, “We are very confident that when people experience the usability and cost effectiveness of our platform, they will continue using our services beyond the evaluation period. That’s why we are happy to offer such a generous evaluation package without obligation.”

For More Information

Main website: https://blog.cloudsigma.com

About CloudSigma AG

CloudSigma AG, based in Zürich, Switzerland provides a pure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform offering high security, flexible cloud computing. Our innovative web console as well as API are designed to make cloud computing and cloud hosting straightforward. High availability redundant infrastructure is backed up by a generous Service Level Agreement that covers not only availability but also performance.

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About Patrick Baillie

Patrick is co-founder of CloudSigma, and comes from a career working in Investment Banking Technology, as well as having previously ran his own business.