Customer Auditing of CloudSigma

Customer Auditing of CloudSigma

As a company, people often ask us about about the possibility to do an audit of our service. Our customers want to ensure compliance with regulations, industry standards, codes and engineering best practice.

As a customer of any CloudSigma cloud platform, you have the right to perform security, operations and processes auditing in relation to the services that we provide to you. You can perform the audit or you can assign a third party to do so. Please note the following:

  • Any audits you request will be at your expense, which includes but not limited to charges that we have incurred during this process.
  • We can arrange a visit to the data center, however we will only grant access after an advance notice of two weeks prior to the day of visit.
  • In order to conduct the audit, you or your third-party auditor shall be accompanied by a CloudSigma staff member.

Please also take note of the following additional points that may be of importance to you:

  • Our company is ISO-27001:2013 certified.
  • We use only qualified infrastructure, that we have described, tested and audited.
  • We have a specific person within each department, who is responsible for covering the quality assurance.
  • The data center facilities we use are certified for various security, performance and sustainability standards. You can find a thorough overview of certificates per data center within the locations section of this site.


A copy of our latest <a href=””>ISO</a> certification report is also available to customers.

About Vanya Nikova

Vanya is leading the Global Customer Development Team at CloudSigma. Beside that, she is responsible for a number of big data and big science partners and projects at CloudSigma. She has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim, Germany with 10 years of work experience in sales and consulting services.