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CTO Cloud Powered by Cloudsigma is the Perfect Cloud Solution for a Hotel Management Software Product

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Bookxprss delivers a complete, comprehensive cloud-based hotel management system that focuses on hotels and provides them with a better web presence through a cost-effective, centralized, efficient, and user-friendly solution. Bookxprss is a vendor of property management systems for 4-star hotels. The company was created to solve a market need for property management software that is affordable. Thus, Bookxprss started offering SaaS instead of the expensive licensed model which was the only one in the marketplace.

The Challenge

Bookxprss needed to find the best solution for the deployment of its SaaS product. The initial idea was to invest in building their very own dedicated data center. After a thorough cost-benefit analysis, Bookxprss realized that the solution was neither cost-effective nor was it reliable. The other option was for them to actively search for a third-party cloud solution that would fulfill their requirements and could successfully deploy their SaaS product. At first, they leveraged the assistance of the New Zealand-based company, SoftSource. However, considering most of their clients were based in the Philippines, they had to look for a local IaaS provider.

There are two primary reasons that convinced us to opt for Comfac’s cloud, powered by CloudSigma. It not only allowed us to save as much as we can- which is critical for a startup- but also enabled us to deploy locally in the Philippines to offer the best service to our clients. It was a no-brainer.

The Solution

“One of the best things about our partnership with Comfac and Cloudsigma is the fact that they are extremely flexible and allow us to operate with just as much freedom. In addition, they showed great understanding throughout the COVID situation. Using their strategies and services, we were able to decrease our resource spending while still keeping data available on demand.”Herbert Sural, Infrastructure Lead @ Bookxprss

Bookxprss found the answer to their challenge in Comfac’s cloud, powered by CloudSigma. Their SaaS solution was deployed in 2019 and is successfully hosted by CloudSigma currently. This has been an ideal solution for the company since it allows them to deliver their service at decreased costs with reduced latency.

Unfortunately, soon after the deployment of their SaaS solution, the world shut down because of the unexpected COVID-19 crisis. Since hotels were no longer in operation for a while, the virtual machines were kept idle for a long time. Comfac and CloudSigma, however, provide the convenience of keeping all of their data and information safe and secure on stopped machines which can be called on-demand as needed.

The Implementation

“When making the shift to Comfac’s cloud, powered by CloudSigma, we had everything we could have needed at our fingertips. All the tools were present, help was only a call away, and we had 24/7 online support. All the assistance and reassurance made us certain we made the right decision.”Herbert Sural, Infrastructure Lead @ Bookxprss

The next step in the process after the selection was the actual migration. CloudSigma has a dedicated migration tool that allowed Bookxprss to perform the deployment as smoothly as they possibly could have. The transition was practically seamless and they did not experience any major delays, snags, or interruptions. This was further facilitated by the fact that a great technical team and customer service were available to support the entire process.

The Change

The biggest impact Bookxpress experienced after making the shift to the cloud was the cost-effectiveness. This has been extremely useful for the startup company. Not only that, but the impact of the migration on their latency has allowed them to be much more competitive in their field and keep their customers satisfied. 

“Compared to other legacy solutions on the market, the Comfac and CloudSigma hosting solution gave us a noticeable major performance and competitive edge in our niche.”Herbert Sural, Infrastructure Lead @ Bookxprss

The Future

As the world gradually recovers from the COVID crisis, tourism in the Philippines is starting back up again. Comfac’s cloud solution, powered by CloudSigma enables Bookxprss to derive major benefits from their stop and restore capacities. Such flexibility is going to continue to play a major role in this partnership. It bodes well for the future of the two organizations and their combined efforts.

The demand will inevitably rise again. When it does, we shall be prepared to counter all challenges and cater to the needs of all our clients. Until then, we will continue to work on developing our products and services and work with our business partners to prepare for the future.


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