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CompatibleOne, jclouds and LibCloud now support CloudSigma’s IaaS cloud

We try hard to make our platform as accessible and open as possible. This is an ongoing effort of continual improvement so we’re happy to announce a number of recent initiatives that back up these commitments. As you probably know, we already allow you to upload and download your disk images from our cloud making migration into and away from our cloud equally simple. We feel that is not enough, so we’ve worked hard to provide additional tools.

Updated support for Libcloud

If your weapon of choice is Python, then chances are you are familiar with Libcloud. If not, it is an abstraction layer that allows you to interact with various cloud provides within the same library, which in turn allows you to easily move between cloud vendors.

While CloudSigma has been available in Libcloud since 2010, it unfortunately took us some time to add support for our 2.0 platform. Yet, we’re happy to announce that Libcloud now fully support our 2.0 platform.

If you want to learn more about how to use CloudSigma with Libcloud, please take a look at this excellent post by Tomaz Muraus, who’s the project chair of Libcloud.

You can learn more about our Libcloud support in the Driver Documentation.

Updated support for jclouds, too!

If instead Java is your weapon of choice, you’d be happy to learn that we have also rolled out updated support for jclouds. Similarly to Libcloud, we’ve been supported for some time in jclouds, but the adoption of the 2.0 platform was lagging.

We’re now happy to announce that this has been resolved, and that CloudSigma now again is fully supported in jclouds. In a recent great guest post, Ignasi Barrera, an active jclouds contributor, wrote a about how one can get started with jclouds on CloudSigma.


If you have followed the tech news, chances are you’ve run across a post about our partnership with CompatibleOne.

In essence, what this does is similar to both Libcloud and jclouds. But rather than being a library, it is a complete interface. This allows CloudSigma users with a way to communicate with multiple back-ends. For example multiple CloudSigma locations, or CloudSigma and other providers.

For our larger customers, it is common that they will be using multiple vendors. So having CompatibleOne fully supporting CloudSigma is just another way for us to simplify our customer’s life.

Join us at PyCon 2014

We’re also happy to announce that we are sponsoring the sold out PyCon 2014 in Montréal on April 11–13. We’re looking forward to talk about things like API or Libcloud, to best-practices in cloud computing and the latest in Python.

Also, if you didn’t know, CloudSigma is a big Python shop, and it is what powers most of our backend.


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