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CloudSigma’s measures to ensure continued operations throughout the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global crisis

With the continued global impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) escalating, our CEO is sharing a short message to explain some of the measures we at CloudSigma have put in place to ensure continued operational integrity of our services to our customers.

The key takeaways are:

    • We have implemented home working already across all our locations worldwide
    • Critical services are delivered from physically diverse locations
    • We are proactively monitoring and mitigating potential supply chain risks that we may face
    • FTP users should not be reported for RDS. This is because they are counted as system users as well (see the previous point).
    • Additional RDP sessions – if you enable additional RDP sessions you need to report each additional session requiring one RDS each

Due to these measures, at this time we continue to remain confident in our ability to continue to serve you and deliver the same level of service and quality, uninterrupted on an ongoing basis.

For those sufficiently interested, each of those points is presented in more detail below.

Firstly and most importantly we have implemented home working for all of the company. This is already active and thankfully was relatively painless as we operate across multiple locations and therefore routinely use VPN, online meeting tools, instant messaging and other tools within the company generally. This measure will limit the impact of any one individual potentially contracting the virus on the rest of the company.

Secondly, our critical service teams operate across a diverse physical geography limiting exposure to potential disruptions in any one locality. Our operations and development teams are predominantly based in Bulgaria and Mexico with additional individuals working remotely from other locations. Our operations team is the most critical team to ensure the smooth running of the clouds and high quality services to you. Additionally due to our devops approach, we are able to repurpose development team staff to operations duties as required to keep our operations team fully staffed even through a significant infection rate within the company. We therefore naturally have a great deal of redundancy on critical roles within CloudSigma. Finally on this point, the average age of our employees is under 30 years old, we therefore do not anticipate a severe risk of prolonged illness for employees that may become infected based on data generally available about age and severity seen thus far. That is not to underestimate the potential seriousness of any infection.

Thirdly and finally, we are proactively monitoring and mitigating supply chain risks and dependencies for the delivery of services. This primarily involves monitoring service availability from data centers and connectivity providers as well as hardware suppliers. We are not vendor dependent and able to source from multiple hardware vendors in order to ensure continued capacity across our various locations. We maintain multiple validated bills of materials for the building blocks of our cloud in order to purchase pre-validated hardware from a number of vendors. The company has always managed clouds largely remotely due to the high quality data center partners that we choose so travel bans are not expected to adversely affect service; we are experienced in liaising with our data center partners from this respect.

We hope you find this information useful and please rest assured that our CEO continues to monitor the situation and work with the various team managers to reevaluate our approach and measures as the situation develops.

We would like to wish you good health and a smooth navigation through this turbulent time.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Jenkin
CEO @ CloudSigma


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