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CloudSigma Sponsors “An Intro to Data Science with R event” to Encourage R Language Adoption

CloudSigma Sponsorship

CloudSigma was excited to have sponsored the Intro to Data Science with R event, organized by R User Group Sylhet! The event took place on May 1st 2018, at the ACM office, Sylhet, Bangladesh. The event brought together more than 20 R Language enthusiasts, software developers and data scientists. They gathered to learn, exchange ideas and promote the R programming language usage.

R is a free software programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics. In fact, the R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. The Intro to Data Science with R event aimed to proactively enable a wider adoption of R software for statistical and data mining applications in both industry and academia in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Intro to Data Science with R event

During the event, speakers Bolaram Paul (Entrepreneur & Tech Speaker) and Toufiq Amin (Software Engineer) shared insights on the importance and applications of the R programming language. Bolaram Paul said:

“To be productive as a data scientist you need to know the essential data visualizations offered by the R language. Participants are going to use the visualizations presented at the event over and over again in testing, data analysis and visual communication.”

The event concluded with a Hackathon. It encouraged attendees to learn the R programming language and solve machine learning computation problems. CloudSigma awarded free cloud-computing resources to 10 Hackathon participants worth over US$2500 each. CloudSigma is happy that our services were able to help participants test and make the most of the Hackathon regardless of their income level. Finally, speaker Bolaram Paul said:

“Thanks to the support of CloudSigma, event participants tested the R language with cloud computing resources. This helped them grow their skills tremendously. We hope to continue to collaborate with CloudSigma on our events which will help us further develop our initiatives in the field of data science.”


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