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Elecnor Deimos was founded in 2001 aiming to develop and provide high-tech systems and engineering solutions. Elecnor Deimos is the technology branch of Elecnor, one of the Spanish leading companies in engineering, infrastructure development, and construction projects and a prominent investor in renewable energy, energy, and environmental infrastructure and space.

All this provides Elecnor Deimos with the capacity for continued growth as well as a solid financial foundation. The mission of Elecnor Deimos is to provide high-technology engineering solutions, as well as information systems, products, and services of maximum quality, innovation, and added value to its customers.

The Challenge

Elecnor Deimos has already tried several cloud providers before they decided to trust CloudSigma’s cloud infrastructure. One of the biggest issues the company had with other providers was that they do not make an effort to provide customers with their specific choice of resources. Instead, with other providers, Elecnor Deimos could only get pre-configured machines that did not meet all of the company’s requirements. 

For instance, when I go to one provider, and I would say I need 10 GB of RAM and 4 CPU’s of 1 GHz, and I need 300 GB of disk – I want exactly that. I want those amounts. Normally, with other providers, I get machines that are already pre-built that maybe match one of my requirements, but the other ones are less than what I have requested. So, I have to get a bigger version of the machine. And, obviously, that’s more expensive.

In addition, Elecnor Deimos needed a cost-efficient solution. They needed a solution that could provide the best services that fit their needs at the best price. The inflexibility of other providers they tested was restricting Elecnor’s choice of resources and this resulted in higher prices. 

Another challenge for Elecnor Deimos was to ensure high availability since their production services require 100% uptime of resources and network. They also needed a solution with competent and at the same time cost-efficient technical support. Usually, having such advanced features comes at a high price, which is something Elecnor Deimos prefers to avoid. 

The Solution

So far, Elecnor Deimos has worked with various providers, including AWS. However, CloudSigma turned out to be the best-suited cloud partner for the company. CloudSigma’s competitive pricing and flexible cloud environment made Elecnor Deimos feel that they are in complete control of their deployment.

“We have tried a couple of different cloud providers. But CloudSigma was the only cloud vendor that allowed me to choose exactly the resources I needed. With CloudSigma I have the whole freedom to set the amounts of RAM, CPU, and disk that I want at a specific time, and change it up within seconds on the WebApp. Thus, I can be sure that I am not paying for resources that I don’t use.”Carlos Luque Pulido, Ground Segment Engineer @ Elecnor Deimos

The client was also happy to work with CloudSigma as it provided their team with an easy to work with cloud platform. 

CloudSigma’s WebApp is very user-friendly and quite intuitive. It’s easy to go through the menus in the portal and everything. And on top of that, there’s this freedom thing about creating my machine. So, I have the feeling that I’m saving more money this way than I would be doing it otherwise.

Another decisive factor that made CloudSigma the preferred cloud provider for Elecnor Deimos was the unprecedented technical support that all of our clients receive completely free of charge. 

When I first tried CloudSigma I was immediately drawn to the customer service that you provide. It is very reactive and so fast. I have the confidence that I can always rely on somebody helping me whenever I have a doubt.

As for the implementation process, Elecnor Deimos did not need to migrate its infrastructure to the cloud. Instead, they have always created their deployments from scratch. 

We never had any problems when we were creating our machines on the CloudSigma platform. The process was very straightforward. We had one setback that a particular port we needed was closed for security reasons, but we didn’t know that. We turned to the technical support team, and the issue was resolved very quickly.

“The first time I had to ask CloudSigma’s customer service for help was because we needed to move from a node in Zurich which was full, to Geneva. It was a huge pain for us. At that point, we had some problems migrating the machines. As a result, we spent one whole night talking with the customer service. They helped me solve a problem that I had when migrating the disk. I was very happy because I didn’t expect the customer service to be so reactive during the night, so that was very positive.”Carlos Luque Pulido, Ground Segment Engineer @ Elecnor Deimos.

The Impact

Since having CloudSigma as a cloud provider, Elecnor Deimos has been enjoying having the freedom to create their own machines, with the resources they need according to their demands at a given moment. 

Furthermore, they have been taking advantage of our free 24×7 skilled customer support service. Relying on high-quality customer service increased our client’s confidence that their issues will be solved on time and without much hassle. 

“If you look only for CPU, RAM, and storage, yes, CloudSigma’s pricing is similar to other providers. But if you look at the whole picture, and all the additional features, then your pricing is much below those competitors like AWS and the others.”Carlos Luque Pulido, Ground Segment Engineer @ Elecnor Deimos

The main impact for Elecnor Deimos since working with CloudSigma was that the company was able to achieve the best price-performance ratio in its years of experience with working with cloud providers. The reason for that lies in the fact that CloudSigma offers many extra features free of charge that would cost a lot more with other vendors. More than that, CloudSigma allowed Elecnor Deimos to pay only for the resources they use, which resulted in further cost benefits. 

The Future

In terms of the future, Elecnor Deimos plans to continue working with CloudSigma. At the same time, it will explore our different features that they haven’t taken advantage of yet. In addition, something to foresee is the company’s future projects that they plan to continue hosting on our platform. 

One of CloudSigma’s features that Elecnor Deimos plans to implement is our backup solution. CloudSigma’s backup and recovery tools offer clients the ability to create point-in-time snapshots as an independent backup in a different cloud location of CloudSigma. In addition, we provide a continuous live backup and migration solution and a disaster recovery option. 

One of the issues for Elecnor Deimos before deciding whether to implement a backup solution was whether they would be able to predict how much such a solution would cost them. That’s because their data requirements change constantly. To solve the problem, CloudSigma will provide Elecnor Deimos with free testing resources, so that they can evaluate which backup solution will best fit their needs and cost requirements at the same time. 

Furthermore, Elecnor Deimos is so happy with our services that they have been recommending CloudSigma to their partners and other companies they work with. 


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