CloudSigma offers a discounted price of 10% off compute and storage with a Free POC test account creation for a one-year subscription or a 25 % discount for a three-year subscription to EC-Funded Research & Innovation Projects. For convenience, CloudSigma is ensuring a dedicated Account manager who will support each project participant in different steps of setting up the resources. CloudSigma allows the project to encrypt the data with the Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX), which functionality is the added value of offerings for Europe.


CloudSigma shares access to the entire range of infrastructure options by fusing a flexible cloud offering with the broad capabilities of our data centre partners. Leading European infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provide CloudSigma strongly emphasises performance, adaptability, and top-notch customer service. Everything is provided through European businesses and locations, guaranteeing 100% compliance with European laws without being subject to the US Patriot Act or other legal difficulties.


How CloudSigma works

Simple & Intuitive
In our cloud, you may quickly and easily provision servers, disks, IP addresses, private networks, and any other resource we provide. At CloudSigma, the project participant may create a new server in an average of 26 seconds. Concentrate on your research and innovation project’s main tasks and conduct your experiments quickly without bothering about infrastructure administration.


Project Knowledge

Since 2013, CloudSigma has participated in more than 10 EC and EO projects and has a solid foundation in R&I. To deliver IaaS and high-speed connectivity to research and education, GÉANT favours and promotes us.


Any x86 OS or application is capable of running unmodified in our cloud. Without changing your current infrastructure, use our seamless live migration solution to set you up in the cloud.

Safety and Compliance

The cloud infrastructure and services provided by CloudSigma have received certification that they meet the strictest ISO 27001 and GDPR security and privacy requirements.

Affordable Prices

Simple utility-style pricing based on resource units is available from CloudSigma. There are two types of payment methods: subscription and pay-as-you-go. Customers benefit from efficient purchasing and transparent billing as a result.

Scalability & Flexibility

You may build the CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth you need with CloudSigma. Real utility computing is necessary to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Paying for only what you actually need will result in the optimum price-performance ratio.

Superior Performance

We find the best price-performance ratio for virtual machines of various sizes using CMIPS and other independent benchmarks. We are a reputable European partner for your testbed and production environment, specializing in everything from HPC and big data to machine learning and open research.


Exclusive Offer from CloudSigma for Projects in Research and Innovation

In our European cloud sites, CloudSigma offers projects sponsored by the European Commission. By taking advantage of our offer immediately, you can easily and securely speed up your time to science in the cloud.
The following EC-funded programs are open to the offer:

Horizon Europe

Cohesion Fund

Environment and climate action

European Regional Development Fund

Structural Reform Support Programme

European Structural and Investment Funds

Research Fund for Coal and Steel


Contact us at with details about your infrastructure requirements.


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CloudSigma is a pure-cloud infrastructure-as-a-
service (IaaS) provider that’s enabling the digital
industrial economy through its highly-available,
flexible, enterprise-class hybrid cloud servers and
cloud hosting solutions in Europe, the U.S., Asia
and Australia. CloudSigma is the most customizable
cloud provider on the market, giving customers
full control over their cloud and eliminating
restrictions on how users deploy their computing
resources. With CloudSigma, customers can
provision processing, storage, networks and other
fundamental computing resources as they please,
as well as extend private networks out of existing
infrastructure and elastically into CloudSigma’s IaaS
cloud to create easy to manage and transparent
hybrid cloud solutions.