Confidential Computing addresses the main need with Intel® Software Guard Extensions


Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) is a security-related instruction set of built-in CPUs that helps protect data-in-use via application isolation technology. Intel® SGX allows user-level code to allocate private regions of memory, called enclaves, which are designed to be protected from processes running at higher privilege levels.

Intel® SGX creates secure enclaves* where code can be securely executed and where data or “secrets” ( e.g. financial records, hospital records, personal ID information, passwords, encryption keys, etc.) can be loaded. It enables applications to execute code and protect data inside their own trusted execution environment. It prevents software attacks, even when the Application, the OS, or the BIOS has been compromised.

In CloudSigma, you can rest assured that we regard our customers’ data security and privacy as a top priority. Adding the next-generation Intel® SGX confidential computing VMs to our portfolio enhances the protection we deliver even further. 

Intel SGX Comparison 09


*Enclaves – containerized sections of memory. Enclaves are trusted execution environments (TEE) that utilize a separate portion of memory that is encrypted for TEE use.


Democratize confidential computing with a fully integrated approach to a cloud offering

Intel SGX Value Proposition 10


Pervasive data security
Full data control
Data outside the view of cloud provider

Intel SGX Value Proposition 11


Provides a trusted high protection environment
Neither participant has access to other’s data
Intel SGX Value Proposition 12


Minimize attack surface: encrypt sensitive data parts of the app
Protect and validate integrity of code in the cloud
Intel SGX Value Proposition 13


Store and process sensitive datasets without regulatory risk
Data outside the view of the cloud provider and governmental agencies


Confidential Computing:


Protects Personal identity


Protects Corporate IP


Protects Governments Secrets


Increase trust in the cloud for most sensitive data


Break data silos


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