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CloudSigma and Servecentric empower RealWorld EDC with a strong cloud platform

Company Profile

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RealWorld EDC is a cloud-based software application developed to collect patient information for post-marketing surveillance studies conducted by the Pharmaceutical & Bio-pharma industry. RealWorld EDC offers a full end-to-end solution from eCRF (electronic Case Report Form) design and build to delivery of clean sets of data.

The company works with its client base through the provision of а software solution directly to the pharma (and related) sectors and through partnership with Contract Research Organisations across the globe.

RealWorld EDC provides the platform for over 75 studies. Its client base includes some of the top 10 global and international pharmaceutical companies & CROs.

The Challenge

Core to RealWorld EDC’s services is providing a simple to use and always available front end while adhering to complex directives for the conduct of patient studies in line with patient data privacy regulations. Client companies regularly undertake strict auditing processes of company infrastructure including penetration testing.

“While we focused our efforts on application development in line with strict regulations, we needed a platform and partnership model that gave us agility around deployment on a robust and secure infrastructure. Ideally, we needed a solution that would allow us to control all data in our core infrastructure while supporting fast-changing requirements in the test/dev, quality, and front-end application areas.”Conal Nolan, Head of Data Management @ RealWorld EDC

One of the biggest challenges that RealWorld EDC was facing was the need of flexibility to quickly and efficiently start new studies, run test scenarios and ensure quality control of new versioning across both Windows and Linux OS platforms.

With internally hosted infrastructure, provisioning of new servers to facilitate growth or rollout of new studies was too tedious. It took valuable time away from the company’s development teams. This is why RealWorld EDC was in need of a solution that would reduce this effort while providing consistently high performance and security.

The Solution

In order to overcome the challenges of hosting its infrastructure on-prem, RealWorld EDC chose to build its platform on a strong hybrid cloud platform to deliver products to its global client base. The company selected the services of CloudSigma’s partner in Ireland, Servecentric.

Currently, RealWorld EDC’s core data resides on a private cloud hosted primarily at Servecentric’s Data Centre in Dublin, Ireland. Its applications are delivered utilizing Servecentric’s strong public cloud platform, Servecentric Enterprise Cloud.

“Servecentric’s solution works for us because the Public Cloud element facilitates tuning consumption of high-performance RAM, CPU and storage without getting into tied bundles or having unforeseen transaction charges. We do not want to be concerned with platform availability, performance and security, and to this end Servecentric have proven to be excellent partners.”Tomás O’Mahony, Study Director @ RealWorld EDC

Servecentric Enterprise Cloud is one of the many public cloud partnerships powered by CloudSigma. It delivers a simple to use, high-performance cloud platform that gives businesses full control over their cloud and eliminates restrictions on how they deploy computing resources.

The self-service public cloud platform provides the scalability and agility RealWorld EDC required while providing the necessary performance to run applications delivered to a global base of end-users. Additionally, with low latency, high bandwidth cross-connection directly into RealWorld’s core data in the Data Centre, Servecentric and CloudSigma deliver guaranteed network performance. The quality of the performance on other public clouds usually requires costly connectivity solutions.

Finally, the strong cloud platform supports the environment through the provision of a set of managed services provided by on-site 24 x 7 x 365 support team.

The Impact

Once RealWorld EDC started using the Servecentric Enterprise Cloud, the company immediately began to experience the expected benefits of complete agility and efficiency around application deployment. In addition, the solution has resulted in tangible cost savings and a complete elimination of time spent on infrastructure support. The company has also benefited significantly from the introduction of accompanying managed support services provided by CloudSigma.

As a result, the company is free to continue its strong growth trajectory without concerns relating to the management of IT resources.

“Servecentric’s difference goes well beyond the platform. It is an organization that wants to make it easy for us to do business. Even though the cloud platform includes 24 x 7 chat support as standard, Servecentric is always there if problems arise and provides access to key personnel when we need a little extra help.”

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