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CloudSigma and Servecentric empower Cup Print migration to a reliable and secure cloud platform

Company Profile

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Cup Print is the largest supplier of environmentally-friendly paper cups in Europe. It has invested significantly in sustainable technologies to add to its core offering of high-speed, on-demand, short-run coffee cup printing. Between its operations in Ireland, Germany, and the US, Cup Print employs over 180 people and the vast majority of production is of alternative sustainable paper cup models. The company’s two alternative coating paper cup varieties include a recyclable paper cup and a compostable cup – both available with custom designs in quantities from as low as 1000 pcs within a 15-day production lead time. Cup Print’s Double Wall recyclable cups are the first paper cups to achieve AAA certification by the Institute cyclos-HTP in conjunction with the European Green Dot scheme. The Cup Print compostable paper coffee cups are compostable in industrial composting conditions.

In 2018, Cup Print joined forces with global foodservice and packaging leader,  Huhtamaki.

The Challenge

Over a number of years, Cup Print had built up a set of cloud-based compute and storage resources in multiple locations with Digital Ocean. As a result, management of the resources became challenging and some issues related to performance consistency started to emerge. Additionally, the platform was unable to service certain geographical locations where Cup Print operates. 

The company set out a strategy to consolidate all servers, databases, and other datasets to a single, reliable platform. It would have to be able to service all locations and provide reliable and consistent performance across all servers. The cloud platform migration process needed to be as straightforward as possible.

“To support our business model, we needed a platform that would firstly enable a simple migration process to a robust and secure cloud platform environment. Additionally, the service would need to provide stable and predictable performance from a single location that could service all jurisdictions globally.”David Kelly, Head of Digital @ Huhtamaki Cup Print

The Solution

Servecentric Enterprise Cloud, powered by CloudSigma proved to be an ideal solution for Cup Print for over a year now. Firstly, the company was able to meet directly with the cloud service provider. Together, they worked through the requirements, accurately assessed costs, and formulated a migration strategy.

Servecentric was able to provide a fully functional PoC within hours of the initial request as servers could be migrated without any modification requirements. Following successful deployments of initial test servers, migration of the remaining workloads from multiple locations to one cloud platform took place. Currently, all services are run successfully from Servecentric Enterprise Cloud in Dublin.

“We considered a number of cloud services including those of the Hyperscale providers. However, the keys to our choice of Servecentric’s offering were cost certainty, 24 x 7 direct support (from Servecentric and CloudSigma) and consistent compute and storage performance across all VMs, regardless of size.”

The Impact

“The Cup Print project is a perfect example of where our cloud works well. As we were able to clearly and accurately forecast costs upfront and our client could be fully confident of premium performance across all workloads, we were able to demonstrate the value prior to migration. The migration process then was simple. Now, we are working with Cup Print and Huhtamaki to look at further cloud migration opportunities.Brian Roe, Commercial Director @ Servecentric.

Once all migrations were successfully completed, the management overhead for the server landscape was significantly reduced. This reduction in overhead, along with the service levels provided through Servecentric and CloudSigma, has allowed Cup Print’s IT staff to focus more directly on development strategies rather than day to day operations. Additionally, the performance from both compute and storage perspectives has been very good. As a result,  Cup Print has been able to reduce the overall platform requirements and thus achieve direct consumption cost savings.

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