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CloudSigma and Attained Group deliver the leading Australian cloud solution since 2016

Partner Profile

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Attained Wholesale Division (formerly DC West) was formed from the advancement of Australia’s largest reseller online backup service, DataMate Backup Services in mid-2009. Today Attained Group offers a variety of technology-driven products and cloud solutions in the Australian market.

Not only does Attained Group understand data centres, but the team also understands the development and critical support around system operations. Part of the group growth is ensuring complete uptime and support when customers need it. Attained Group mixes this philosophy in with traditionally delivered data services to provide a solution unrivaled in today’s market.

In 2015 the company chose CloudSigma as its cloud partner and launched its first Australian cloud solution in early 2016 – in Perth. The success of the first cloud empowered the launch of a second Australian cloud in Melbourne. This allowed the extension of coverage to include the Eastern coast of Australia. Attained Group and CloudSigma are looking forward to making their cloud offering the preferred choice for their end-users.

Market Conditions for the Cloud

Attained Group has extensive experience in delivering technology-driven products and solutions to the Australian market. When it first started, the company provisioned hosting services via its internal virtual infrastructure through a variety of technologies, from ESX to XEN and KVM more recently. However, it soon realized that the cloud market was developing fast, and end-users’ demands were increasing. Thus, the company decided to take action. It was evident that it was in need of a reliable solution in order to satisfy the requirements of its clients.

The market where Attained Group operates is mainly small to medium-sized businesses. Even though this sector is still developing in terms of cloud use, it is becoming more demanding of faster networks made possible only with the cloud.

Another reason that made Attained Group turn to a cloud partner was that it could not manage to build and support a cloud on its own. At the same time, its customers required a cloud as a part of the company’s solutions.

“We started focusing more on the cloud predominantly as a solution to complement the data centre side of the business. More so today, we use the cloud in solutions we build for clients.”Paul Arch, CEO @ Attained Group

All of those market conditions prompted Attained Group to look for a cloud solution. The company sought a partner that could deliver an entire set of cloud infrastructure capabilities and related operational support rather than just an off-the-shelf product. This is when CloudSigma’s Cloud-as-a-Service solution entered the picture. CloudSigma became a strategic partner for Attained Group (then DC West) in Australia in early 2016.

The Road to Success

The companies have been working together for almost four years and the partnership has proven fruitful for both parties.

“There is no doubt in my mind that teaming up with CloudSigma was the right decision for us. The collaboration has become central to our business platform.” – Blake Burton, CFO @ Attained Group

Since partnering with CloudSigma, the company has seen positive changes in terms of the quality of its services. It also experienced increased cloud growth. The key to the immediate success of the collaboration lies in the initial focus on system integration that the companies decided to adopt. From the beginning, there were great efforts on blending together the cloud and data centre solutions. Doing so allowed for tailoring customized solutions around the specific needs of each customer. Thanks to CloudSigma, Attained Group was able to give its customers the option to switch their cloud deployments in and out on-demand and scale up or down depending on their current requirements.

“CloudSigma’s platform has been both fast and reliable, allowing us to concentrate on building our custom solutions.” – Paul Arch, CEO @ Attained Group

Another important aspect that has been very successful is CloudSigma’s provision of additional user support. Attained Group’s customers have indicated that the technical support team is doing an outstanding job. The team has proven to be highly responsive and to resolve any issues extremely quickly.

“Support has been key to the success of our business. In most cases, if anything arises as an issue, it gets resolved. When the CloudSigma team finds a specific problem such as a bug, it is very fast in handling that.”Blake Burton, CFO @ Attained Group

Attained Group had to revisit some of its initial strategies on the road to success. For example, the company has become more conscious of networking. Currently, it is looking to work closely with network providers to help provision fast reliable internet to customer sites.

“Without reliable, fast internet, it is hard to deliver cloud solutions. We are quite insistent on it being a core requirement before offering it as a solution.” – Paul Arch, CEO @ Attained Group

Luckily, CloudSigma has been there every step of the way. In terms of any technical issues, such as maintenance, networking issues or hardware replacement, the CloudSigma operations team has been proactive and always able to find a resolution.

“The three biggest performance characteristics that we required from CloudSigma since we established our partnership were speed, reliability, and scalability. So far, CloudSigma has fulfilled its promises and provided any support we might need.”Paul Arch, CEO @ Attained Group

More than that, CloudSigma has been very reliable in ensuring that the cloud is taken care of by both the support and development teams. This allowed Attained Group to focus on building, delivering and supporting innovative customer solutions. Ultimately, this collaboration led to the steady growth of the companies’ client base and revenue streams.

What is Next?

Undoubtedly, becoming a Cloud-as-a-Service partner to CloudSigma was the right decision for Attained Group. The rapid expansion since Attained Group became a Cloud-as-a-Service partner to CloudSigma enabled the Australian technology provider to enrich its portfolio even further.

“The “cloud-only” Managed Service solution has the potential to be disruptive to the traditional Australian MSP Market – as we have partnered with CloudSigma IaaS, we have control of the end-to-end solution.”Blake Burton, CFO @ Attained Group


An extremely important aspect of Attained Group’s vision for success is ensuring it provides innovative solutions unrivaled in today’s market. Both companies are looking forward to how the market will shift in the future so that they can adjust accordingly.

Looking into the future, Attained Group is investigating a complete “cloud-only” managed service offering. Combining thin clients with no onsite systems that a client needs to rely upon, and dedicated user support – this is what Attained Group sees as becoming the standard in the near future.

In addition, Attained Group continues to look at expanding its existing locations to support clients Australia-wide and internationally. As the demand for cloud solutions in the Australian market increases, the company is positioned to become a leader in managed cloud services with the full support of CloudSigma.


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