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Cloud-First Policy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Information Technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In recent years, the information technology sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has developed rapidly. The fast-paced changes have prompted the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to issue policies and regulations that further facilitate the digital transformation of the country. The initiatives are a part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia’s vision is a blueprint aimed to reduce the Kingdom’s dependence on oil and diversify its economy.

The key driver to implementing guidelines in regards to information technology is to increase regulatory clarity. They also aim to encourage trust in new technologies, specifically in the traditionally slow to catch up public sector. By implementing changes stimulating the public sector to embrace innovation, KSA is on the way to transform how government operates. Ultimately, KSA has the ambitious goal to establish itself as a leader in the IT sector in the Middle East.

Cloud Computing and the Public Sector

There is no doubt that digital technology can transform the way the public sector delivers services. One of the key ways for the government to embrace digital transformation is by adopting cloud computing. Historically, a sector known more for bureaucratic inertia, the public sector worldwide has started to realize that it has a lot to gain by embracing digital transformation through cloud computing. In fact, countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have issued a Cloud First Policy as early as 2011. The aim of such policies is to require government agencies to consider cloud options for new IT deployments.

KSA Cloud First Policy

On its end, KSA has joined the countries requiring government entities to prioritize cloud-based solutions. In February 2019, the country has introduced its own Official Cloud First Policy. The new policy encourages public sector migration from traditional IT solutions to cloud-based models. The policy recognizes cloud computing advantages such as enhanced agility, reliability, security and innovation.

Cloud Adoption and Innovation

The policy’s introduction demonstrates that KSA considers  the impact of cloud computing to go beyond the government IT sector. Above all, it will accelerate the digital transformation in the Kingdom through pushing adoption of leading edge technologies. There is no doubt that a widespread cloud adoption provides both the public and private sector with the flexibility and speed necessary to respond to changing needs and customer demands.

KSA’s Cloud First Policy is an indication that the coming years will be exciting for cloud computing within Middle East. The cloud has become the natural course for innovation and KSA is emerging as a leader in the region.

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CloudSigma and Virtual Vision V2 Public Cloud

“Cloud services are increasingly in demand across the region as businesses continue to scale and adapt to new regulations and customer expectations. With V2 Public Cloud being one of the first-ever public cloud offerings entirely based in Saudi Arabia, we are now able to support local corporate and government clients who must safeguard data assets locally in order to adhere to compliance regulations or logistical preferences, and so demonstrate our continued commitment to delivering the highest standard of value for our customers.”Mohammed Al-Kharouf, Chief Executive Officer @ Virtual Vision

Undoubtedly,  Saudi’s public and private organisations are moving to the cloud at an accelerated pace. Hence, CloudSigma has a unique position as a cloud provider in Saudi Arabia.

We have joined forces with the leading-edge provider of innovative IT solutions in KSA, Virtual Vision(V2) to launch the V2 Public Cloud in 2018. The public cloud offering is a unique public cloud solution. It provides the full spectrum of infrastructure and IT services. Specifically, it services the needs of customers through a single billing relationship for hosting, cloud and networking connectivity. Furthermore, another unique feature of V2 Public Cloud is its disaster recovery capabilities.

The V2 Public Cloud allows CloudSigma to contribute to the ongoing development of the IT industry in the country and the wider region. More than that, the offering positions CloudSigma to take part in the advancement of the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. It is one of the first public cloud offerings based entirely in Saudi Arabia. Thus, it answers to the region’s increased demands.

To learn more about the unique features of our cloud offering, aimed at serving public and private organisations across all industries in KSA, read here.


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