Bernino Lind Talks The Terminator, Unbundled Resources and Data Centers on "This Week in Startups"

Recently, our COO, Bernino Lind, sat down with ‘This Week in Startups’ host Jason Calacanis. CloudSigma and the broadcast show know each other well, as we are proud to call the company a customer, enabling the scalability needed to handle the hundreds of thousands of people that download episodes every month. Throughout the 13 minute episode, the pair talked about everything from their love of smørrebrød, to the likeliness of scenes from The Terminator manifested in Switch’s SuperNAP data center!

Jason and Bernino also spent much of the time discussing the pain points that CloudSigma’s offering addresses that competitors’ services don’t. To explain CloudSigma’s commitment to offering unbundled resources and flexibility, Bernino offered up an example: Companies that may need a lot of RAM, but a significantly lower amount of CPU, have no choice but to spin up “large, super-duper oversized instances” in Amazon’s cloud. By nature, this is cost-prohibitive, and we avoid it by allowing customers to purchase resources as they need them, on a pay-as-you-go basis. As Bernino put it; “We want to give you the infrastructure that makes sense for you.”

No interview with a cloud provider is complete without mentioning the data center in which the company is housed and the risk of downtime a cloud brings; and Jason and Bernino got to that too. CloudSigma is housed in a few data centers around the world, with Switch’s SuperNAP being the home of our U.S. data center. And, if you haven’t seen it, Bernino’s comparison of it to the movie ‘The Terminator’ was spot on. It is beyond impressive and some of the photos can be seen here.

In the SuperNAP, downtime is not something that CloudSigma worries about, as the facility is a tier 4 data center with superb redundancy and fail over. Nonetheless, we have always been open about our reliability, achieving approximately 99.999% percent uptime. We are able to consistently achieve high uptime because we rely on replicated, distributed storage. The type of storage a provider uses directly affects uptime and if, for example, a cloud provider is running on SAN, and that SAN goes down, then their VMs go down with it.

If you’re interested in watching the whole interview, you can watch it here:

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