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Are you Migrating Customers to the Cloud? Scalability & Performance is all that Matters

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Attained is an Australian provider of managed cloud infrastructure services. The company tailors cloud solutions for businesses to meet their unique requirements. From client focused consultation through to the ongoing 24/7 support Attained provided to all customers, the company is committed to seeing their clients’ business exceed their goals.

Attained is one of the few providers in the Australian marketplace that is able to tailor solutions to customers in the SME section of the market, across a range of industries. Rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach, our client consults with prospective customers to make sure it completely understands the problem they are looking to solve.

The Challenge

“Before deciding on CloudSigma as our cloud hosting provider of choice we tested numerous cloud providers in Australia. We found that the majority of these providers just couldn’t offer the performance we required. Another issue was that heir system was just too confusing to configure the necessary performance. With CloudSigma we’ve always been able to spin up a high performance solution quickly, and easily.”Blake Burton, Director of Sales @ Attained

Attained wanted to be able to show customers a clear migration path from traditional hardware to the cloud. Businesses typically have unique, and often complex software configurations that have been built upon over many years. Traditional hardware based solutions are often associated with problems related to achieving the reliability and performance that the business actually requires. Many businesses typically put upgrading their infrastructure in the ‘too hard’ basket. Nevertheless, Attained wanted to show them that, through careful planning and an expert team, it can be done.

Previously,  the digital agency was offering solutions under various brands but this was often for management of the hardware itself. The company found that many cloud solutions on offer were not able to provide the performance that most businesses required for the software and applications.

The Solution

Many businesses that seek the services of Attained that have a traditional hardware setup have been told that they should migrate everything into the cloud. However, this is not always the case. It doesn’t need to be an all or nothing approach. Sometimes, it is optimal to have a ‘hybrid’ approach that utilizes both.

“Flexibility is a key driver in the uptake of the cloud solutions we offer. Whether it’s flexibility with upgrading resources or flexibility with pricing, our customers love knowing that there is an easy solution to any problem.”

By migrating to CloudSigma, Attained was able to connect the cloud platform with the customers onsite traditional hardware and manage the hybrid solution. Attained manages the end-to-end connection, system security, system updates, monitoring of performance and data backups across the whole hybrid system.

“CloudSigma provides us with the necessary tools and flexibility to host our customers’ solutions either in the cloud exclusively or through a non-traditional hybrid setup.”

The Implementation

“Whether the customer has gigabytes or terabytes of existing data that needs to  move to the cloud, we need to know that we can scale up a solution quickly for them. Our customers need a solution that is able to grow with their business. Since the migration to  CloudSigma we have complete confidence that scaling up in the cloud will never be an issue. That’s because with CloudSigma this can be done with a few clicks.”Blake Burton, Director of Sales @ Attained

Attained had a customer whose existing hardware was coming to the end of its useful life. The customer had to decide whether to replace their existing hardware, which involved a large upfront cost and renew their co-location contract or migrate their data onto the cloud so they would only have a monthly payment and not worry about failing hardware. Attained knew that it would be able to solve the customer’s challenge with the help of CloudSigma.

Attained was able to perform the whole cloud migration of the data for their client from start to finish so they didn’t have to worry about it. It also replicated the client’s existing system onto the cloud. Further, after performing numerous tests, it was able to sync the data across with minimal disruption. The customer has stayed with Attained ever since, and is currently approaching 16TB of data storage use.

The Impact

CloudSigma is able to provide a unique combination of high performance infrastructure and low network latency. This allows Attained to always manage to offer an impressive solution for customers.

“The mix of burst and subscription pricing that CloudSigma offers allows Attained to easily scale up resources temporarily during periods of high resource demand and scale back down as necessary. This is great for our customers who receive the cost savings.”

Attained’s customers have reported that their previous traditional hardware setup would result in hardware failure. It led to technicians replacing parts and slowing down connection speeds as the hardware aged. Since migrating to CloudSigma’s cloud infrastructure, Attained is able to give customers peace of mind that many of these types of problems are a thing of the past.

The Future

“We see the CloudSigma platform constantly improving, and new features becoming available. It gives us complete confidence that we have partnered with the right cloud provider. CloudSigma understands that you should always be finding ways to improve your offering, even when your service is already fantastic.”Blake Burton, Director of Sales @ Attained

Offering managed services in the cloud has proven to be a successful model for the Australian-based company. Currently, the capabilities of cloud computing are growing, in parallel to the construction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) throughout the Australian continent. As a result, high speed internet is available in all areas of the country. Even remote locations, which were previously in isolation, are now able to connect to the ‘cloud’ effectively.

This situation has allowed the company to offer cloud services to customers who previously had never considered the cloud. As more businesses are connected to the NBN network, the aim is to educate these businesses and show them that they can successfully outsource their infrastructure to a reputable provider like Attained and experience real financial and performance benefits.

Attained is looking forward to taking advantage of the new features and tools that CloudSigma is planning to implement. In particular, Attained is excited about the new Disaster Recovery solution that is in beta testing on the CloudSigma platform. It is planning to look at implementing this across its network of locations. The company will also use the tool for migrations from customers’ traditional hardware platforms to the cloud.


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