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Ubuntu 11.04 Cloud Servers with full root access and Free Trial

Ubuntu 11.04 Cloud Servers with full root access and Free Trial

Zürich, Tuesday 3 May 2011. CloudSigma is announcing the launch of the latest Ubuntu 11.04 servers for instant deployment. Our customers can now enjoy the new features of Ubuntu’s new release in the form of instantly deployable high performing cloud servers.

Patrick Baillie, CEO commented ‘One of the key benefits of CloudSigma is our open software layer. That means that its easy to add the latest software releases to our platform. In addition, it offers our customers the very best operating systems. In addition to our seven day free trial our cloud is an ideal opportunity to explore all the new features of Ubuntu 11.04.’

Ubuntu 11.04 with full root access

Firstly, each new Ubuntu 11.04 server can be added immediately by a user at the click of a button or via API call without provisioning delay. Consequently – the customer receives the full, sole root access and control. This allows them to totally customise the server after initial deployment. Drives and servers can then be cloned allowing server clusters to easily be created using a customer’s own customised template.

With full software level control of cloud servers in the CloudSigma cloud, we protect direct server access and make sure that it is 100% managed by the user. This allows users to implement their own security policies on their servers with regards to operating system, application access and networking firewalls. Other cloud computing platforms just aren’t able to provide the level of control that CloudSigma’s offering achieves.

Unlike some large cloud computing platforms, users control when and how to update the software on their cloud servers. Patching of underlying software resources is a leading cause of server outages and system failures for those running cloud infrastructure where root control is maintained by the cloud vendor.

Patrick Baillie continued ‘We see a lot of concern around cloud computing with issues of control and security. So, by putting our customers in the driving seat of their software we enable them to implement security policies. These policies fit their needs and avoid the casual visibility that many cloud vendors retain over their customers’ servers.’

7 Day Free Trial

CloudSigma is offering a full featured, one week, no-obligation free trial. So customers can understand what Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) can offer as well as a full range of operating systems.

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