Spectacular 20% Bonus on ALL Deposits in September

Since launching our upgraded platform we’ve been able to implement major improvements in utilisation and resource management. As a result we’re delighted to offer all existing and new customers a special limited time deal:

Until the end of September, for any funds deposited into CloudSigma accounts, we will add a BONUS 20% on top!

Get Started!


You deposit: $100
We add: 20% bonus
You receive: $120

The best part is it’s unlimited: the more you deposit, the bigger the bonus you’ll receive. You can make as many deposits during the month of September as you like. There are no restrictions on how you can use your funds either. You can buy computing subscriptions, burst use, data transfer etc.

Tip: Combine this offer with a longer subscription to increase your discount further. For example, purchasing a 3 year subscription on any resource will yield an effective total discount with this offer of approximately 60% off regular prices! (login to redeem the offer)

Have you already heard the latest news from CloudSigma?

We hope you like our new look website. We’ve been posting up some helpful content of late which we wanted to share with you:

Virtual machines and disk expansion

In our latest blog posts we explore the topic of virtual machines and disk expansions and talk about how both plan ahead for this and which are the ways to resolve it in the least painful fashion. Check out the post in full here.

Server contextualization

We’re excited to announce the support for server contextualization. Automating your computing with CloudSigma just got even easier. You can post various meta data to either your server or drive definition (via the API), and then read it back from within the actual server. This has been a popular feature request, since it is applicable to a wide array of tasks. Find more information in this blog post.

Price drop to reflect increasing performance

This July CloudSigma announced the drop of the compute pricing for customers to reflect the efficiency gains from the recent public cloud 2.0 upgrade. As a result of the 2.0 cloud’s higher utilization and better resource management capabilities, the company is now able to reflect those gains through lower subscription and pay-as-you-go burst pricing.

Equinix partnership

CloudSigma is excited to announce a partnership with Equinix, one of the world’s leading data center providers. This partnership simplifies the process of customers looking to set up a hybrid cloud solutions with a private connection.

CloudSigma early adopter of Deutsche Börse’s cloud trading platform

The vision for Deutsche Börse’s trading platform is to enable trading of cloud compute resources, just like you can trade other goods and services.

For our customers, this will both provide a greater level of transparency, while also allowing better utilisation of cloud resources for suppliers. The end result will be lower prices for customers and more efficient operations for cloud providers such as ourselves. We are excited to see our vision for utility computing coming one step closer.

For more information, please visit www.CloudSigma.com or find the company on Twitter@CloudSigma, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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